Dem lawmaker: ‘Old, racist tropes’ are behind concerns about COVID-positive migrants crossing border

Amid a growing immigration crisis along the southern U.S. border, Democratic Party leaders have largely downplayed the situation as critics blame the Biden administration for exacerbating the problem.

For her part, U.S. Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) appears to be placing the blame on former President Donald Trump while shifting the conversation to racism.

“Immigrants bringing disease”

She used this strategy in attempting to silence those who object to letting COVID-infected migrants into the country.

In recent days, conservative pundits have slammed President Joe Biden for his rhetoric and actions since taking office — particularly a policy reportedly allowing sick individuals to illegally cross the border.

Critics argue it is an incisive point that reveals the White House’s hypocrisy. While calling on Americans to scrupulously follow pandemic restrictions, the president has been unable to guarantee undocumented migrants entering the nation are clear of the virus.

Rather than respond directly to these concerns, however, Escobar resorted to sensational claims of institutional racism.

During a recent MSNBC interview, the Texas Democrat claimed that “old, racist tropes” about “immigrants bringing disease” would lead to acts of violence similar to a 2019 mass shooting in El Paso.

“That’s not who we are”

“The idea of immigrants bringing disease, that is an old, racist trope intended to inspire fear and hatred,” she said in reference to Trump. “He’s done it before. It is absolutely reprehensible.”

Escobar’s approach falls in line with the prevailing progressive sentiment that Americans have no legitimate right to oppose mass migration.

Recent reports suggest that Biden is allowing border patrol agents to release migrants into U.S. communities without issuing court dates. Such policies are resulting in renewed claims on the right that the Biden administration has effectively opened the border.

The Biden administration is not really bothering to justify its own behavior and is instead pointing the finger at Trump’s White House for leaving behind a “broken” system while denying that there is an immigration crisis at all. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is attempting to thread the needle between claiming that the “border is closed” and acknowledging that migrant children will not be turned away at the border.

In a recent statement, he declared: “We are rebuilding those orderly and safe processes as quickly as possible. But in the meantime, we will not expel into the Mexican desert, for example, three orphan children whom I saw over the last two weeks. We just won’t do that. That’s not who we are.”

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25 Responses

  1. Well it appears that when politicians don’t have a truthful and they play the racism card the blame the previous administration even though they throughout everything that was done to prevent illegals into the country. Forgetting the rights of tax paying Americans.

  2. NO!!! It is not old racist trope!! Nothing was ever said about race by Trump…it was always about the safety of the American people. That is what our Congress takes their oath of office to protect. We should throw all of the Dems and Rinos who do not care about this, out of office for not taking their oath serious. The Dems have thoroughly disgraced this nation and are destroying it. How much is China promising to pay them to do it??? I am wondering…..because the domestic enemy is showing itself every day!! Shame on them!

    1. I so agree with you !!! Every move by the leaders and many members of the Demorat Party are working to destroy America !!!! I think partially it is hate for Trump but I believe some of it is Treason and should be treated as such !!!!

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  4. it is time that the blame is placed on the proper people and for one thing is wont be former President Trump but the so called current President who doesnt have the brains to leave things alone when it was working — Biden doesnt and will never follow the lead of a great president cause he is just totally worthless –Congress needs to step up and learn to work together or this country will be living hell when it is over–and in my opinion all the damages is being done but the so called DemoRATS —

  5. Biden was selling out American Interests to the CCP when he was VP under Obama. Enriched their Entire Family. Hunter was Paid Billions and some went to the Big Guy (Joe). If you can locate the Tony Bobilinsky interview that was on Tucker, it is very telling. Biden is still selling out America, in my opinion.

    1. I agree with what has been said so far, but, what can the American people do?? They say ” Vote”, and we showed up in GREAT NUMBERS to vote, only to have the Libtards and Democrats “STEAL” the damn election. Biden came to Ohio yesterday and only had 14 people show up, and those morons want us to believe that 81 million people Voted for Brain-Dead Biden??? HA!HA! I really don’t think so! I love my Country and I served in the military, but I’ll bet I’m not the only one who “KNOWS” that Brain-Dead Biden is an Illegitimate President!! The illegal imma grants that keep coming across the border should have been checked and immunized , or sent back, if they are sick!! Another ploy for the Left to keep us locked down longer?? Haven’t we, as Americans, been punished enough for the last year?? We can’t take much more!!!!

  6. I’m NOT racist because I don’t want our country to be flooded with Covid-sick people (which has been PROVEN!). I am from the same culture, being part Spanish. I want people to FOLLOW THE LAW and come into our country LEGALLY. NOT FAIR to put the economic burden & health burden on us CITIZENS!

  7. She ?? Or as I say “It’ has the nerve to say “We” . It must have a mouse in the pockets of the clothes it wears or just plain ignorant . Not multiple choose because more than likely both about pockets and being ignorant.

  8. It’s ironical, how the democrats are using every dirty trick in the book to gain and maintain political power, while at the same time, pushing unfair, and undemocratic policies, which will turn American voters against them for decades … karma will put the democrats where they belong … circling the bowl …lol !!!

  9. Democrats are willing to risk the health and safety of this Nation on a stupid idea by stupider Biden and Pelosi.
    Americans please remember this when Impeachment time comes.
    A Patriot

  10. I live just 6 miles from the Rio Grande River. I’ve known more Hispanic people who want justice for Americans than you can imagine. They work and pay taxes and don’t want these illegals given a ‘free’ ride. Forget the racism claim and concentrate on justice for citizens.

  11. Typhoid Mary was an immigrant and unknowingly killed numerous citizens. She was a super spreader. Also white. Race has nothing to do with spreading diseases. Central America does not provide the normal vaccines kids normally get in the USA. COVID is not the only issue. Measles, mumps, rubella. Diphtheria. All must be acknowledged as clear upon entry. The prime reason for Ellis Island. I spent two weeks there before being cleared to USA entry. If you weren’t cleared, you were sent back to country of origin. Race not an issue. Protection of USA citizenry top priority.

  12. The liberal dems are well on their way to totally destroying this once great
    country. As long as Biden, Pelosi, Shiff and their ilk are in charge, this country
    goes backward into oblivion.

  13. Maybe that old lady needs to go to the border and set in the middle of those warehouses for about 2 weeks she might change her mind when she gets Covid.

  14. Let’s blame this on Trump. What else is new, tomorrow Trump will be blamed for throwing a Gummy bear off the balcony and the bear didn’t make it. Now he’s being charged with bear solder and racism because the bear was yellow and might be Chinese.

    Why are people flooding into the country when there is a Virus that kills people close to you like my brother.

    Why isn’t congress doing anythine about this insane move by the Leftacrats?

  15. This lady does not have a brain in her head. She has no idea what she is talking about. Biden made this mess. His administration is ruining our country. The Dem’ s are just as dumb. People that have come to our country have with in them, killers, rape, drugs. The cartel don’t care about anything but money. They kill. People have no valve to them. The Dem’s lie about everything. The American people are not dumb. They know what is happening. Peloski has them brain washed. God knows the truth. I pray the real truth comes out.

  16. This women gets the medal for the stupidest person in congress. Lady, we are fighting the Chinese virus ( people are dying , losing jobs, kids are getting stupid (just like you) because schools are closed) and you think it’s OK to let Covid positive illegals run all over our country. Why the hell are we wearing masks and getting vaccinated than.

  17. Democrats lie, Joe saved homes and put food on the table with the much needed cares relief plan, and he did so good. LIAR. To little to late in most cases. If the individual does nothing nothing will happen. The whole long running covid scare is a scam perpetrated by the democrats. Now they want 3+ trillion for the next package. Idiots all. pelosi and obama need to be in jail.

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