Dem. Rep. Tim Ryan has an ‘ongoing’ law enforcement ‘problem’: Report

The Daily Mail quotes the head of an Ohio police union stating that Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH) has an “ongoing problem” with law enforcement. 

This comes as Ryan is facing off again Republican J.D. Vance in the race for one of Ohio’s U.S. Senate seats. That election will take place in less than two months now.

With the election drawing ever nearer, Ryan has been attempting to appear as more of a moderate candidate to win over voters. He has even tried to make it appear as though he is pro-law enforcement.

But, as we will see, this just doesn’t line up with Ryan’s past.


The Daily Mail reports that “Ryan has had multiple run-ins with the law in the past.” These run-ins go back to at least February of 1995, which was before Ryan was a lawmaker. At the time, he received a disorderly conduct citation for shouting “vulgarities” and hurling beer at police officers who were trying to remove an unruly woman from an Ohio bar.

The Daily Mail goes into more detail about what happened after the incident, including how Ryan attempted to – among other things – use the fact that his father was a friend of a Bowling Green administrator to “get out of trouble.”

Another incident involving Ryan and law enforcement occurred in 2012 when Ryan was arrested for public intoxication in Virginia. Ryan is said to have refused to take a breathalyzer test and to have become “increasingly uncooperative.”

On top of these incidents and others, Ryan, as a lawmaker, has clearly aligned himself against the police. He incorrectly blamed police for the death of Ahmad Arbery, he voted against condemning the Democrats’ defund the police agenda, and more.

“Ongoing problem”

Jeff Simpson of the Columbus Fraternal Order of Police recently highlighted the hypocrisy of Ryan trying to all of a sudden seem pro-law enforcement.

“Given Tim Ryan’s track record of calling police officers the new Jim Crow and voting to eliminate qualified immunity, it’s not surprising that this is the way he carries himself around law enforcement,” Simpson said.

“This trend of confrontational police encounters is not limited to his earlier years,” he continued. “Shamefully, this has been an ongoing problem with Mr. Ryan during his career in Congress.”

“It’s just another indication that Tim Ryan lacks respect for the badge and all that it represents. He’s wrong for Ohio,” Simpson concluded.