Democrat and Fox Host says he supports border wall, drawing applause

Breaking with his party’s tacit support of open borders, former Democratic Rep. Harold Ford Jr. said he supports a border wall between the United States and Mexico.

Ford, who is a co-host on Fox and Friends, received a round of applause from the live TV audience, Fox News reported.

Democrat calls for wall

The Fox and Friends panel was discussing the recent efforts of Republican governors like Greg Abbott (TX) to draw attention to the burdens of Biden’s immigration agenda on border states by sending immigrants to self-described “sanctuary cities.” 

Abbott began bussing immigrants to Philadelphia this week, prompting a rebuke from the city’s liberal leadership.

Open borders-loving Democrat mayor Jim Kenney — who danced joyfully when the city’s “sanctuary” status was upheld — stuck closely to his party’s talking points and called Abbott “cruel and racist,” while far-left district attorney Larry Krasner vaguely suggested that Abbott may have broken the law somehow.

Ford, who represented Tennessee in Congress, sought to distinguish himself from the radicals who control his party by saying he supports a border wall.

“I’ve been a proponent — but I’ve been criticized by my own party — because I think we should build a wall,” Ford said.

Border crisis about to explode

But Ford’s conservative-friendly commentary stopped there. Echoing Joe Biden’s talking points about the “root causes” of mass immigration, Ford floated sending tax money to poor Latin American countries as solution.

“Think about it: We spend trillions of dollars … as a nation to stabilize and try to bring peace to regions of the world that need it. Yet in our own backyard, we spend pennies, and we wonder why we have some of these challenges,” Ford said.

Despite Biden’s rhetoric about tackling “root causes,” illegal immigration has repeatedly set records on his watch, with more than 2 million migrants arrested at the border in 2022.

The crisis is bound to get worse after a federal judge ruled that Biden can no longer use the Trump-era Title 42 policy to rapidly remove immigrants starting December 21.

As the Center for Immigration Studies reported, Biden officials have said that as many as 18,000 migrants a day could flood the border once Title 42 ends — a totally unprecedented disaster.