Democrat strategist says Joe Biden is ‘mentally deteriorating’

Former Vice President Joe Biden is “mentally deteriorating” and should not be pushed forward as the Democratic nominee in 2020, according to Democrat political strategist Justin Horwitz.

“He is a candidate that is mentally deteriorating,” Horwitz told Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Thursday. “People in the Democratic establishment say, ‘Oh, don’t say that.’ They really believe that they can shield Joe Biden from public scrutiny and the reality is, they can’t.”

“We all see what’s going on here and it’s going to be a disaster if we nominate Joe Biden,” he added.

Horwitz, who supports rival Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), predicted that Sanders would end up getting the nomination in July after the public experienced some “head-to-head” debates between Sanders and Biden. “I think Bernie picks up steam and ends up winning the nomination because Biden simply can’t debate,” Horwitz said, praising Sanders as a “sharp debater.”

Why choose Biden?

Of course, it is important to take into account that Horwitz is in the tank for Sanders, but even those who do not support Sanders will likely agree that he has a point about Biden. Why would a party choose as their nominee someone who is so obviously suffering from dementia or some other sort of cognitive impairment?

The only real reason the Democratic establishment could be supporting Biden is because they know they’re going to lose. Why not throw the senile old moderate under the bus in hopes of killing off moderation in the Democrat party?

But Horwitz doesn’t see this because like most of Sanders’ die-hard supporters, he actually believes Sanders could beat President Donald Trump in a general election.

The Los Angeles Times made a case this week that Biden is more electable than Sanders, although they concede that not enough polling has been done to say for sure that he could beat Trump. Past experience suggests that if the Democrat candidate doesn’t have at least 10-15 points on the Republican this far out, they will likely be far behind in November.

Last chance for Sanders, too

With Sanders and Biden both about to turn 78, it is likely the last chance either of them has for a viable presidential run. Is America really going to elect an 82-year-old to be president, let alone one with health problems as both of them have?

Who knows how many more heart attacks Sanders might have before 2024, or whether he and Biden will even make it to that election? Anything can happen at that age.

Realistically, this is it for both of them, and it appears that the Democratic Party establishment has decided that they would rather be able to blame their loss on Biden’s dementia than on Sanders’ socialism.

After all, they’re kind of hoping as the younger generation grows into middle-aged people who actually vote in significant numbers, those voters will continue supporting socialism the way they do now — unless Trump converts them first.

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