New York Democrat joins calls for Breyer to retire from SCOTUS during Biden’s presidency

Democratic New York Rep. Mondaire Jones joined other progressives Friday in calling for Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire while President Joe Biden is still in office.

“There’s no question that Justice Breyer, for whom I have great respect, should retire at the end of this term. My goodness, have we not learned our lesson?” Jones said during an interview with Cheddar News, according to The Hill.

Jones was reportedly referring to hopes that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would remain on the nation’s highest court until former President Donald Trump left office, after she declined to retire during Barack Obama’s presidency. Ginsburg died in the fall of 2020 at age 87 from complications of pancreatic cancer, allowing Trump to put a third conservative justice on the bench, as The Hill noted.

Breyer is 82, but has had no major health scares or bouts with cancer, unlike his late colleague. Biden, for his part, has said he will let Breyer decide when to retire. (How magnanimous of him.)

“Eventually I’ll retire”

In reality, Biden could not force Breyer to retire, but has pledged not the put pressure on him, like Democrats including Jones have been.

“[The president] believes that’s a decision Justice Breyer will make when he decides it’s time to no longer serve on the Supreme Court,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters earlier this month, according to Politico.

The justice said in December that he did not plan to remain on the court “for life,” but was unsure of when he would retire.

“I mean, eventually I’ll retire, sure I will,” Breyer said, adding that “it’s hard to know exactly when,” according to Fox News.

Biden’s plans for SCOTUS

While Biden will be in office through 2024, the congressional midterms in 2022 could make it harder to get a progressive on the court if the Senate flips back to Republican control, as some suspect may happen.

Biden has already promised to nominate a Black woman to the court if given a chance, a prospect that has leftists salivating. There has never been a Black female justice on the high court’s bench before.

But we saw how well Biden did finding a quality candidate that fit that same bill for vice president — not very. Kamala Harris has already embarrassed herself with her refusal to deal with the ongoing crisis at the U.S. southern border, even when directly asked by Biden to do so.

It seems as long as we break “glass ceilings,” it doesn’t really matter to the left whether the candidate is any good or even qualified for the job.

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18 Responses

  1. I am sorry Mr. Jones, BUT, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Meyers DOES NOT HAVE TO RETIRE JUST BECAUSE YOU SAID SO!!! I don’t think anybody has died and left you in charge of the Supreme Court!!!

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  3. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    None of the Supreme Court members better not retire for any reason. This is just what the darn democrats want. You can’t believe any democrat in any office because they are all lying about everything. The democrats are the ones who need taken out of office in this country.

  4. Judge Breyer, stand your ground! Let them nag, pay NO attention! Then rule against them, fair and equal justice right?

  5. We keep Harper and getting them to retire because of Democrats want to take over the supreme Court and exactly what they’re trying to do he thinks the laws and be screwed up now to think how much work is going to be if he’s yo he was actually get in charge of everything they’ve turned his country around into a crappy place to live and you’re going to go much further if they can get rid of all here to go a lot quicker than plan is to kill off America

  6. Supreme court justice Meyers do not retire just because the commierats want you to so they can put OVOMIT on the supreme court!!! Please hang in there until PRESIDENT TRUMP…THE REAL PRESIDENT… CHINA JOE IS HELL BENT ON GETTING OVOMIT…THE WORST PRESIDENT IN MY LIFETIME… THE GREAT DESTROYER!!!!!!

      1. these comments of O accepting a supreme court nomination are thoughtless. His academic record is still uncharted, and probably wanting, he has no judicial training or legitimate history as a lawyer. He is a polished shell and would be exposed by the Senate confirmation process. And Hey, he is living the good life in a mansion by the sea. And pulling the strings of the shell/shill Biden.
        Now Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s brain trust, is a much more
        likely nomination. Otherwise, Breyer is delivering the goods and is healthy, so why rock the boat at this moment.


  8. I would tell them to shut their mouth. If they want him to retire they can retire themselves. They think they are god. They are going to keep on threatening people and it’s going to come back to them.

  9. Why don’t you so called journalist’s pick a vocation! Either Journalism or The Democratic Party! Coaxing, suggesting, and other attempted persuasive comments seem to me to be wishful thinking and in the past if you had said something three times in a row it was expected to be true. I’m not one to go along with especially the Democratic Party but you’ve had the luxury of Millennials (who haven’t reached age 25 and know what life is all about) influence the last election. Now that they see what incompetents you people are, I’m hoping they (the Millennials) see the error of their ways and will vote the Republican Ticket!

  10. He should stay as long as he wants. The Democraps just want to have WACKO Pedo Joe to be able to name an ULTRALIBERAL CONSTITUTION VIOLATING Judge to the Court. It could even be that TRAITOR and EGOTISTICAL MORONIC CLOWN Obozo that he would put there or just as bad that even more IGNORANT thing that married Obozo.

  11. Breyer isn’t left enough for them. Not Marxist enough. They want to know who they are and that they can count on how they will vote. Remember he said he was against packing the Court. Period.

  12. I still don’t understand why the dems are sooooo in a hurry to change the SCOTUS. These cowards, except for Judge Thomas and Alito have let a coup d’etat happen. Barrett and Kavanaugh along with scumbag Roberts vote with the liberals most of the time. The highest court is useless and have destroyed the Constitution.

  13. I’ve been thinking how we can disrupt the marxists. Didn’t they take an oath the protect and defend the Constitution and The USA? They broke their own oaths, not to mention endangering the USA with illegal crossings at the border and encouraging and inciting violence against Americans. Why are they still in offices they aren’t allowed to be in? Oh let’s not forget the giving of our tax dollars to terrorist elements in the Middle East, that also puts Americans at risk. I haven’t seen anything they have done to fullfill their oaths.

  14. Sir Myers, please don’t retire until our good President gets back to the White House. We need you in the SCOTUS.

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