Democrat calls for ‘repercussions’ to stop illegal immigration

One of the few Democrats willing to speak out against his party’s open borders agenda is making a long-shot appeal for the Biden administration to actually do something about the record number of illegal immigrants pouring into the country.

Henry Cuellar, of Texas, told CBS that the Biden administration needs to send a message to illegal migrants that they will be deported.

Democrat’s call for “repercussions”

The Biden administration has failed to demonstrate that migrants will face “repercussions” for breaking into the country, Cuellar said. He suggested showing images of migrants being sent back to their home countries.

“When was the last time you saw a picture or video of people going back?” Cuellar said. “You only see people coming in, and you’ve got to have words along with actual enforcement.”

According to the latest government figures, more than 2 million illegal immigrants were arrested at the border this fiscal year, another record. Yet, vice president Kamala Harris recently said that the border is “secure.”

“Broken” system

At the same time, Harris complained that the administration inherited a “broken” immigration system that can only be fixed by providing a “pathway to citizenship” to millions of illegals already in the U.S.

But Cuellar said there is no need to pass more laws — just enforce the ones on the books already.

“With all respect to the VP,” Cuellar said, “there are enough laws on the book right now that can return people back.”

Enforce the law

Meanwhile, Cuellar told CNN that the actual number of migrants that have entered the country since Biden came into office could be well over 4 million, once “getaways” are included.

“If you call that secure, I don’t know what secure is.”

Cuellar is shouting into a void. The Biden administration has made it clear by now that it has no intention of solving, let alone acknowledging, the border crisis Biden created.

They do have plenty of time to moralize, though, when Republican governors start sending illegal migrants to the places Democrats live. Ony then does it become an emergency.