Democrat campaign chair Sean Patrick Maloney begs for donations after losing re-election

After losing re-election in a humiliating upset, New York Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is begging donors for cash to cover the cost of his failed campaign.

It’s a stunning turn of events for Maloney, whose job it was as chair of the Democrats’ campaign committee to elect members of his party.

Democrat makes shameless request

Not only did Maloney lose re-election in his own Hudson Valley district, but down-ballot losses in liberal New York state are believed to have cost Democrats their House majority.

But it looks like Maloney is in no rush to take responsibility and disappear quietly. In a groveling e-mail, Maloney said he was “reaching out to my most loyal supporters with one last request,” asking supporters for $5, $25, $50, $100, or “any other amount” to help him pay off an outstanding debt of $8,371.

Maloney, a former Clinton administration adviser, said he now understands “why it’s tough for regular people to run for office.”

“I wish I didn’t have to ask, but I refuse to accept that only billionaires should run for office,” the fundraising email said.

“So, I’m humbly asking: Can I count on you to chip in $15 and help me pay off this campaign debt?”

Huge upset

Maloney’s defeat to Republican Mike Lawler was a major loss for Democrats this cycle: he is the first Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chair to lose re-election since 1980.

He did not explain in his fundraising e-mail why supporters should give more of their money to a losing candidate.

On the campaign trail, Maloney showed suboptimal political wisdom when he told voters struggling with inflation to eat Chef Boyardee, in an apparently botched attempt to connect with regular people.

Democrats were expected to choose a new DCCC chair in Wednesday’s leadership elections, Roll Call reported.

But they changed the process and delegated power to their new caucus leader, Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), to nominate someone for the position.