Democrat coronavirus fearmongering could depress their own votes

The Joe Biden campaign and other Democrats have spent a great deal of time trying to make people scared of the coronavirus in order to get votes, but what if they have succeeded so well that a large number of Democrat voters are too scared to vote in person on Election Day?

It’s entirely possible that scared Democrats who stay home on Election Day could hand the presidential election as well as countless congressional and local positions to Republicans and President Donald Trump. 

Experts have said that the election will probably come down to in-person voting on Election Day, despite the nearly 100 million voters who voted early by mail or in person in 2020.

Early voting has not garnered Democrats enough of an advantage so far, and a lot of Republicans are chomping at the bit to vote in person on Election Day as a reaction to Trump comments about mail-in vote fraud.

Mail-in voting could keep some in Democrat base from casting their ballots

The specter of Biden wearing a mask even when he’s nowhere near anyone and his appearances with white circles to keep people apart have given his supporters the idea that it’s very dangerous to be out in public close to other people–like at polling places.

Here’s the thing Democrats didn’t consider about mail-in voting: if your base is voting at home through the mail, it negates the Democrat get-out-the-vote machine that shows up to take people to the polls if they haven’t voted yet.

Not only that, but a good 1o% to 20% of those who receive mail-in ballots will throw them away and never follow through on voting. There’s no way for Democrat operatives to track that, and in some states people can’t go vote in person if they have requested a mail-in ballot anyway unless they bring that ballot with them.

Democrats couldn’t have predicted that there would be such a fear gap between the parties, or they might not have played things they way they did.

Were pollsters lying?

The early vote has been way more Republican than ever in history, which means one of two things: either a bigger percentage of Republicans who always voted in person voted by mail this time, or Trump is going to win despite nearly every poll saying the opposite.

In both Wisconsin and Michigan, more Republicans voted early than Democrats. This never happens.

In Pennsylvania, early voting in Philadelphia lags behind previous elections, even 2016 when Trump won the state. And you better believe every one of the hundreds of thousands of people who turned out for Trump’s numerous rallies in that state will be at the polls for him.

The polls as a whole in 2020 could go down as the biggest example of gaslighting Republicans that history has ever seen. And if it does, it’s unlikely that people will ever believe them in the same way again.

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