Democrat Cortez Masto’s husband reportedly received COVID-19 funds

Paul Masto, the husband of Nevada Democratic Sen. Cortez Masto, reportedly received $27,000 in pandemic rental income.

The report highlights concerns of conflict of interest among family members of lawmakers gaining federal funding over the pandemic.

The report

“Clark County quarterly expenditure reports showed Paul Masto receiving three separate payments from the county in the 2022 fiscal year, totaling $27,395, despite the senator not listing the income from Clark County in her personal financial disclosure,” the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

“Although Cortez Masto’s financial disclosure doesn’t specify that Paul Masto received income from the county, it does list the income under a rental property, which is the proper way of filing the form,” it added.

The concern

Other reports have shown Paul Masto has been close with the Bidens.

“Payments from Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign went to a private security company owned by Paul Masto, the husband of Sen. Cathrine Cortez Masto (D-NV). The company, Universal Security Specialists, received over $24,000 from the Biden for President committee,” Red State reported.

Masto’s Senate opponent Adam Laxalt has started to point out the concerns as the November election nears.

The publicity regarding her family’s funding from the government and the Bidens may now be pointing to her not wanting to be closely associated with the president.

The voters of Nevada will be the ones to ultimately decide if it’s a good idea to keep a senator with questionable connections that seemed to benefit her family during the pandemic.