Democrat Gov Lujan Grisham freed criminal who murdered ex-girlfriend

New Mexico Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham helped free a convicted man early from prison who murdered his ex-girlfriend.

Republican candidate for governor Mark Ronchetti highlighted the concern during a debate with Lujan Grisham on Wednesday.

The concern

“[Chris Beltran’s] story is shocking. He was released early from prison and then he was on the phone from prison, before being released, talking … to his girlfriend saying he was coming to get her and he would get a gun within two days and he would come to her front door,” Ronchetti said.

“He made good on that promise. He showed up at her door four days later and shot her,” he added.

Other issues

Ronchetti also blasted the governor over her extreme abortion views.

“There’s only one person in this race who is an extremist, on this issue. It’s the governor. I never called for a ban on abortion because the governor of the state of New Mexico cannot ban abortion. And the governor knows this, but she says it anyway,” Rochetti said.

The debate included widespread insults between the two candidates, with the governor arguing her opponent is a “TV personality” with no experience, referring to his previous work as a meteorologist.

Ronchetti continued to knock the governor’s weak responses to many issues, including border and crime.

The state’s voters will soon have their say regarding whether to keep Lujan Grisham in office or bring in new leadership.