Democrat John Fetterman attempts to save his campaign against Republican Mehmet Oz by scrubbing far-left causes from his website

As the race for the Pennsylvania Democratic Senate nomination against Republican challenger Mehmet Oz becomes more competitive, John Fetterman is growing uneasy.

According to The Washington Examiner, Black Lives Matter has been completely removed from Fetterman’s campaign website’s issues page. Nowhere on his website does the term now appear in text, and the film on his “Taking on Crime” page just briefly mentions it.

He appears to be defending his choice to pursue an unarmed black jogger in his pickup truck while carrying a 20-gauge shotgun in that footage.

Many Democrats are susceptible to crime, but Fetterman may be the most so. To change his mind, Fetterman has previously said that all second-degree murderers serving life sentences in Pennsylvania should be freed.

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That cannot disguise his prior advocacy or the fact that he believes that even murderers should be granted early parole.

The campaign for Fetterman is frantically trying to hide his criminal justice background at a time of escalating crime.

Over the past two months, Oz has been eroding Fetterman’s formerly double-digit polling advantage. Oz, a lousy candidate in his own right, is gaining support, and this pattern can be seen among different pollsters.

Fetterman’s candidacy is floundering as a result of his controversial criminal justice background and the fact that his scant public appearances demonstrate that he is not fit enough to hold a six-year Senate seat.

His opponent hasn’t placed him on the back foot; rather, his political rhetoric and past have. Election candidates should be able to speak in complete sentences and not treat murderers like victims. Both of these are failures for Fetterman and as a result, his entire campaign may come tumbling down around him.