Democrat Katie Hobbs rebuked by Arizona Supreme Court for tying hands of petition circulators

Embattled Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs has based much of her gubernatorial campaign on her efforts to combat the so-called “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was stolen, but she apparently has no clue what she’s doing when it comes to election administration. 

The Arizona Secretary of State was rebuked by the state’s Supreme Court for making it legally impossible for some petition circulators to comply with election laws, according to Breitbart.

Hobbs slammed by Supreme Court

The court’s August 24 ruling came in lawsuits against Hobbs and political groups behind three separate ballot initiatives.

The Supreme Court kept two of the initiatives on the ballot but chastised Hobbs, saying her system made it “impossible” for circulators working on more than one ballot initiative to comply with a law requiring them to file affidavits for each initiative they work on, Arizona Daily Independent reported.

The online system from Hobbs’ office does not allow circulators to submit more than one affidavit. But circulators can’t submit affidavits on paper either, the court said.

“The Court unanimously declines to find that the initiative committee, Voters’ Right to Know, or any individual circulator failed to comply with § 19-118 when the SOS has prevented such compliance,” the order said.

A third, Democrat-backed initiative to dramatically change the state’s election laws was ultimately rejected by the Supreme Court because there weren’t enough valid signatures.

So much for “democracy”

Meanwhile, Hobbs was forced to make the embarrassing admission last week that 6,000 incorrect ballots had been sent out to voters because of a voter registration issue.

Apparently, Hobbs is so big on “democracy” that she won’t even debate her Republican opponent, Kari Lake, who has been relentlessly attacked as a so-called “election denier” in the media.

Perhaps Hobbs is fearful of sharing a stage with her charismatic rival, who is quickly becoming known as a fiery protege of Donald Trump.

The Lake campaign told Breitbart that Hobbs should recuse herself from overseeing the election, citing her apparent conflict of interest and serious administrative mistakes.

“Katie Hobbs’ incompetence in running Arizona’s elections is so obvious that even the Arizona Supreme Court had to take the unprecedented move to call her out for her errors,” the campaign said.