Democrat operative Donna Brazile gives struggling Kamala a shoutout

 February 13, 2023

Democratic national committee chair Donna Brazile gave a glowing endorsement of vice president Kamala Harris, even as many in her party are running the other way.

While Harris is widely seen as a liability to the Democratic party's hopes of holding on to the White House, Brazile predicted that she will be the party's nominee for president if 80-year-old Biden does not run.

Harris gets a shoutout

In the strange world Brazile is occupying, Harris is an asset who has yet to receive credit for pushing Biden's agenda through.

"She is incredible. She is standing in her own power. She has been, at every step, helpful to this president and getting his agenda through the United States Congress," Brazile told ABC's This Week. 

Brazile's confidence in Harris is not widely shared by the electorate, to say the least, but Brazile claimed that the polls simply aren't accurate. One way or another, Brazile said, Harris will remain on the ticket in 2024.

"So while her poll numbers may not reflect her true popularity, I can guarantee you Kamala Harris will not be replaced on the party’s ticket. I can also guarantee you if Joe Biden decides not to run, Kamala Harris will become the next nominee of the Democratic Party."

Rambling veep

The floundering VP is even more unpopular than her boss, and, some might argue, even more inarticulate, despite being decades younger.

She infamously crashed and burned in her own 2020 presidential bid before Biden tapped her to be his running mate.

Her weaknesses as a communicator have since been laid bare in the spotlight.

Harris has been widely mocked over her tendency to ramble vacuously on any number of topics, from school buses to outer space.

Left to dry?

Brazile, a longtime Harris backer, was a guest at a "crisis" dinner with Harris in the early days of her vice presidency. The meeting was called to help Harris navigate her then-incipient public image challenges.

Those struggles haven't gotten any better with the passage of time, to paraphrase the vice president. Democrat insiders have been whispering their anxieties about Harris' lack of competence to the New York Times and Washington Post. 

"I can’t think of one thing she’s done except stay out of the way and stand beside him at certain ceremonies," Democratic fundraiser John Morgan told the Times. 

Harris' ineptitude is one reason many Democrats are still sticking with Biden ahead of 2024, despite a distinct lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy.

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