Democrat removes criminal justice platform from website

Americans have grown increasingly worried about rising crime rates, something Democrats are beginning to take notice of.

That’s evident from the way one Democratic congressional candidate desperately doesn’t want to talk about her support for weakening bail and letting criminals out of prison. 

Campaign website scrubbed of justice reform rhetoric

As the Daily Caller reported, Hillary Scholten is running in Michigan’s 3rd District after having previously tried to get elected there two years ago.

However, the publication noted that while Scholten has a similar website to the one she used in 2020, the candidate has made a point of scrubbing all references to criminal justice reform.

An archived record of Scholten’s 2020 website shows that she spoke broadly of a need to “rethink” how many criminals are being put behind bars.

“At our core, so many of us all want the same thing–a safe and healthy community in which to live and enjoy life. However, for far too many, the lack of justice in the criminal justice system prevents that,” she insisted

“We need to rethink how we’re keeping our communities safe, who we’re incarcerating, and what that period of incarceration looks like,” the Democratic candidate continued.

“In Congress, I’ll be proud to work for positive bail reform so that financially vulnerable people aren’t unfairly criminalized at higher rates,” Scholten added.

What’s more, Scholten went on to pledge that she would work to release those who are in prison for marijuana-related offenses.

Poll shows more than half of Americans say they worry “a great deal” about crime

The Daily Caller noted that neither Scholten nor any representative from her campaign responded to a request for comment on the changes.

Polling data suggests Scholten has good reason to be concerned about how her justice reform rhetoric will be seen by voters, as a Gallup survey found that 53% of Americans said they worried a “great deal” about crime.

While Republicans were more likely to say they worry a great deal over crime, 43% of Democrats expressed a similar level of concern. Interestingly, fear of crime was most pronounced among people in midwestern states like Michigan.