Report: Democrat voters in New York are jumping ship as party leaders continue to disappoint

New York — both the city and the state — has long been a Democratic stronghold. But it looks like the tides may be turning.

According to Fox News, a growing number of Democrat voters in New York are jumping ship and throwing their support behind the GOP in the wake of repeated failures of leadership in the Empire State.

Fox described the voters as “disillusioned” with how the Democratic Party “handled 2020” and beyond.

Dem voters jump ship

In its report, Fox revealed that former President Donald Trump gained about 200,000 votes in New York City in 2020 compared to 2016, an increase of about 4.6%.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s vote total in the city was about 3% lower than in 2020 than the Democrats’ 2016 nominee, Hillary Clinton, garnered. Still, he got enough voters on his side to win the city overall.

Fueling the decline, according to Fox, was a perception among some voters that the increasingly progressive policies imposed by Democrat leaders are actually hurting the Big Apple.

Among these voters is Dalton Blaine, who cast his ballot for Clinton in 2016 but went for Trump in 2020. Blaine explained to Fox that his change of heart was a result of the “deterioration” of New York City, as well as pandemic-related shutdowns that crippled small businesses.

Another formerly Democratic voter, who requested to remain anonymous, cited surges in violent crime and destructive protests across the city — and the fact that elected Democrats had done nothing to stop it — as what prompted him to consider Trump as an option last November.

“Republicans saved New York once”

But Fox isn’t the only outlet reporting on the apparent change in tide for New York Democrats. Local media outlet The City recently reported on a concerted and ongoing effort to convince voters registered as Republicans, independents, or members of a third party to switch to Dems.

Interestingly, the effort isn’t being led by Democrats nor is it necessarily intended to help the party. Rather, the goal is to dilute the influence of progressives by flooding the Democratic Party with moderates who will force candidates to appeal to voters across ideological boundaries.

At the same time, The City notes that while there was a massive surge of newly registered voters across the city between 2016 and 2020, the Democratic Party seemed to be lagging behind its competitors in terms of growth, seeing an increase of only around 12% in their voter rolls compared to more than 13% for Republicans and an 18% increase for unaffiliated voters and independents.

“Voters have seen firsthand the disastrous impacts that radical left policies have had on their wallets, their safety, and their quality of life,” New York State Republican Committee Chairman Nick Langworthy told Fox News. “Twenty years of Republican mayors took the city from being the murder capital of the world to the safest big city in America and a magnet for jobs and tourism. Republicans saved New York once and they will do it again.”

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16 Responses

  1. Will the Law’s against corruption and Treason ever be Up Held? Corrupt joe is Not the President. Matter a fact how did Omar get her seat? Fraud in the voting system?

    1. I agree! Told them that they needed to get a backbone before I gave them any money. I think very slowly they will get there.

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  3. I hope that Conservatives take back both the House and the Senate. All of the RINOS need to be removed as well. I would love to See Donald J. Trump Win the 2024 Election. I would love to see him appoint as the Attorney General Judge Jeanine Piro, the Replacement of the FBI Director with either Nunes, Jordan, or Trey Gowdy. The Pentagon needs to be cleaned up and remove all of those that are Left leaning Dems.

  4. Joe Biden won absolutely NOTHING! I believe there were fraud votes in local and national elections…after all, if the machines can be fixed for national votes, they can be fixed for local votes. We have all been victims of having our votes canceled out for years. Hopefully, with so many states demanding voting security, strengthening the voting laws for its legal citizens’ voices to be heard, we will see things for what they really are.

  5. The biggest problem with all this fraud is that the “stacked” Supreme Court will do nothing about it. Americans have had enough! Writing to our congressman does nothing. Are all of them going to win back their positions fraudulently? Republicans need to stand up for the PEOPLE!

  6. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Like I have stated many times before the democrats need to be put out of any office that they hold. The democrats are doing real bad things to this country and it’d cities and citizens.

  7. Now we know how God feels when we forsake Him. He is allowing us to see just what a country can turn into with Godless men at the helm instead of choosing men and women of faith and integrity. Nevertheless my HOPE is In Christ Alone!

  8. If these communist democrats stay in office this could is doomed.What was the first thing Basement Joe did,cut jobs.Those poor people lost their livelihood.You think these communist democrats care “no” they don’t ,let’s take their payroll away from and see how they like it.Iam telling you democrats your leaders don’t care.They want to rule with a iron hand and change this country that what Shumer told us on the step of the Supreme Court “Do you remember that and that’s what they are doing.More democrats need to wake up.I mean really wake up”

  9. Ironic how the mayor in Chicago is soooo upset on the killing of a 13 year old by law enforcement (which had every right to shoot this little criminal) but says NOTHING about all the gang murders that happen every week.

  10. “U.S. Intel Walks Back Claim Russians Put Bounties on American Troops”
    This was just more hate filled Democratic Propaganda put out by Biden and his Supporters to defame President Trump. Anyone who had any sense knew it. Well the Democrats got what they wanted. Look at our country now, and a whole lot more to come. Prices skyrocketing, outrageous exorbitant taxes coming for all, invasion of illegal poor immigrants from all over the world for us to support. and at least 10% pf them spreading the virus, and Biden making our country lawlessness by defunding the police and jails. What a frigging nightmare!!!!!!!!!

  11. I can’t wait for the new book Sidney Powell is writing. She knows the voting machines were fixed. There are no glitches, they are already programmed. Even the average teenagers know about “glitches” I believe the next votes should be monitored by U.S. Marshals.

  12. Piglosi’s mantra is” dastardly deeds done dirt cheap”, she is the one doing them, and “ snidely whiplash” Schumer is helping her. This so called “ government” is the biggest sham on record! Lunatics have taken over the asylum and are destroying our country from the inside, just like Soros and Obama want! We have to fight back or loose our country! If it means insurrection, then so be it.

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