Report exposes Democratic efforts to eliminate Republicans as political opposition

The Democratic rhetoric used against Republicans had already become rather strident and dehumanizing during former President Donald Trump’s tenure in office, but in recent weeks and months, the concerning verbal attacks have been elevated even further.

That may actually be purposeful and part of a broader and no longer secret agenda of the progressive left to essentially outlaw and eliminate their primary political opposition, according to Daniel Greenfield of FrontPage Magazine.

As evidence for this alleged subversive effort, Greenfield pointed to two recent items of significance — President Joe Biden’s recent speech blasting “MAGA Republicans” as a dangerous threat to the nation as well as leftist litigation to have elected Republican officials permanently disqualified from holding office.

Demonizing the GOP in the public sphere

President Biden delivered a primetime speech on Sept. 1 in which he repeatedly demonized “MAGA Republicans,” and by extension the bulk of the GOP, as representing “an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic.”

He leveled all sorts of vicious and unfair, not to mention untrue, accusations against his political opposition — such as that all were supportive of “insurrectionists” who had violently “placed a dagger to the throat of our democracy” — and even used the defined legal phrase of “clear and present danger” to describe the alleged threat that “extreme MAGA Republicans” posed to the nation.

Biden’s White House and its allies, who had already begun referring to Republicans as “fascists” based on earlier remarks from Biden, took the obvious cue from the president and ran with it over the past two weeks to launch countless demeaning and divisive rhetorical and partisan attacks against any and all who stand in opposition to their policy agenda.

Removal and disqualification from office

Those assertions from President Biden about a majority of the Republican Party and his repeated invocation of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot of 2021 as an “insurrection” that sought to overthrow the federal government goes hand-in-hand with the second element of Greenfield’s thesis on how Democrats are attempting to outlaw and eliminate their political opposition — disqualifying them from holding public office.

Beginning in the aftermath of the Capitol riot, though it didn’t really pick up speed until this year, was an effort in the courts to use Section Three of the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution to legally remove from office and permanently disqualify from future office any current or former official who previously took an oath of office but then engaged in or supported “insurrection or rebellion” against the government.

A supposedly “non-partisan” ethics watchdog group known as CREW has been at the forefront of that effort with numerous lawsuits seeking removal and disqualification filed against elected Republicans at the federal, state, and local levels that can be tied in any way to the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

While most of those efforts have fallen short in court, they did score a victory recently when a New Mexico state judge ordered an Otero County commissioner removed from his post and barred him from ever holding elected office again, and even the prior failed efforts laid the groundwork for future attempts against other GOP officials.

Coexistence vs. elimination

“Republicans want to hold the majority and co-exist with Democrats, while Democrats, under the influence of the Left, want to eliminate Republicans,” Greenfield asserted.

Unfortunately, it is looking all too clear that he is correct in that assessment, as all signs increasingly point to Democratic actions and rhetoric in furtherance of their desired goal of single-party rule in which no dissent is tolerated and political opposition is not allowed to exist, much less actually be in control of anything, anywhere.