Myth of Democratic midterm ‘momentum’ exposed as false by new polling data

President Joe Biden, aided by his media allies, has attempted to rally the Democratic base around certain issues favorable to the left and create enough momentum for the party to counter and reverse the anticipated Republican gains in November’s midterm elections.

Fox News contributor Joe Concha simply doesn’t “see it happening,” however, given how poorly Biden and his fellow Democrats have polled on many of the most important issues, the Daily Caller reported.

Concha further lambasted the Biden-friendly media narrative that enough Democrats would be motivated to vote by issues like abortion and climate change and even former President Donald Trump’s legal woes in sufficient numbers to overcome the expected surge of Republican voters overwhelmingly motivated by issues like the economy and inflation, rising crime, and the unsecured southern border.

Polls are not looking good

Concha, during an appearance Tuesday with Fox News host Martha MacCallum, first addressed the media’s efforts to shift national attention away from the issues that most Americans view as the most important, such as the economy or rising crime.

“The media can focus as much as they want on Donald Trump and the Jan. 6 committee and the Mar-a-Lago raid, but when people read, they’re not reading the newspaper so much, they’re reading their 401(k)s,” he said. “They’re seeing their paychecks and wages not going up. They’re seeing bank accounts, they’re not saving as much as they used to, and they don’t feel as safe.”

The conversation then centered on a new poll from ABC News/Washington Post that pegged Biden’s approval rating at just 39 percent and showed that Republicans were favored to win back control of Congress among registered voters and especially among the more reliable likely voters — an important distinction that MacCallum felt compelled to clarify for viewers.

“There’s a lot of likely voter polls, a lot of registered voter polls, that are still out there. So when you look at the polls at home, look at the small print,” she said. “See if the poll you’re looking at is of likely voters or just registered voters. Because at this point in the game, if it’s registered voters, it’s probably not that accurate.”

“I just don’t see it happening”

That new poll also determined which issues were deemed most important to most voters, and found that Republicans prevailed by substantial margins on issues like the economy, inflation, and crime, and were essentially tied with the Democrats on the issue of immigration and border security.

The Democrats, meanwhile, held commanding leads on the issues of abortion and climate change, and had a slight lead on education and schools, but as Concha proceeded to point out, the issues that are favorable to Democrats were rated as far less important than the issues that were favorable to the Republicans.

“What is the president’s disapproval on the issues we just talked about? Inflation is near 70 percent, economy overall 60s, border, 70 percent or higher, crime, 60s. When you have numbers like that, how can you possibly win in November?” Concha said. “I get abortion is a big issue, but that’s four versus one, and I just don’t see it happening.”

Calling out the “media myth”

This actually wasn’t the first time that Concha has called out the “media myth” and “wishful thinking” of supposed Democratic momentum ahead of the midterm elections that largely relied upon focusing only on certain issues favorable to Biden and Democrats at the exclusion of issues that were not so favorable for them, as he did so in an op-ed for The Hill in August.

The Democratic momentum narrative is most likely false, though, and if Biden and his supporters in the Democratic Party and media actually sincerely believe it, then they will almost certainly be severely disappointed after Election Day in November.