Democratic NYC councilman exposes Biden's plan 'to destroy U.S. cities'

 August 5, 2023

A Democratic New York City council member just accused President Joe Biden of using the southern border to "destroy U.S. cities." 

The councilman is New York City Councilman Robert Holden (D).

Holden exposed Biden's plan during an interview that he did on Newsmax during Thursday's broadcast of Rob Schmitt Tonight. 

Holden's appearance comes at about the 40-minute mark of Schmitt's program. The interview was part of a segment that Schmitt did on the southern border crisis, in general, and how it is affecting cities, such as New York, in particular.

"Biden’s how to destroy U.S. cities playbook"

Schmitt began by asking holding whether the situation has gotten "so bad" in New York - which is a so-called sanctuary city for illegal immigrants - that New York is now considering ending its sanctuary city status.

"It has gotten that bad, and it's actually worse than anyone can imagine," Holden began. He went on to note that New York has now taken on 96,000 illegal immigrants and that the number is "growing every day."

As a result, Holden said that New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has legally challenged the right to shelter laws. "We can't house the world here in New York City," Holden said, while placing the blame for "this catastrophe" on "President Biden's open border policies."

Schmitt then confronted Holden on the fact that many Democrats called for open borders in response to former President Donald Trump's much stricter border policies. Schmitt asked Holden how he would respond to those who say that the Democrats asked for the problems that they now are experiencing with regard to illegal immigration.

Holden replied:

I want a secure border, but, unfortunately, under President Biden, it’s an open border. And, again, it’s, how many are we going to take before it’s over here? This is Joe Biden’s how to destroy U.S. cities playbook — it looks like — in one term.

It's worse than that

After Holden alleged that Biden is using open border policies to destroy U.S. cities, Schmitt inquired as to what else Biden may be up to here.

Schmitt asked Holden:

What do you think the real agenda is here? I’m so tired of pretending that this government believes that all of these people are asylum seekers. Why are they letting all of these people into the country and dumping them all over the country? Why do you think?

Holden replied, "I think they see future voters."

"That’s what many think in my district and that’s what I’m starting to think. Because why would you do this?" Holden asked.

It appears that Holden hit the nail on the head with this one.

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