Democratic policies responsible for increase in murders, suicide attempts, and drug overdose deaths

The new insane narrative from President Joe Biden’s White House, dutifully echoed by his allies in Congress and the media, is that Democrats are the party of law and order working to keep Americans safe while it is the Republicans who pose a deadly and dire domestic extremist threat to the country.

That runs completely counter to everything that Americans have witnessed over the past few years in terms of the deaths — be they murder, suicide, or drug overdose — and destruction wrought on the nation by Democratic policies, PJ Media reported.

Indeed, it is almost as if Biden’s Democrats are attempting to erase and rewrite recent history ahead of a crucial election paired with a hope that everyone will forget which party is actually mostly responsible for what has occurred and the lives that were destroyed and lost.

Rising violent crime and murder rates

First, the surging murder rates in cities across the country, part of an overall increase in violent crime in major cities, the vast majority of which are run almost exclusively by Democrats.

In far too many of those cities, far-left progressive district attorneys have imposed “woke” policies that are soft on crime and criminals, even violent repeat offenders, who too often are turned loose with no bail instead of being held in jail, at which point they simply continue to commit violent crimes with little or no consequences.

Rather than urge those leftist prosecutors to show some common sense and place violent repeat offenders behind bars, Democrats actually defend and encourage such policies and instead focus on imposing more gun control on the population that targets generally law-abiding gun owners instead of armed criminals.

Suicide attempts and drug overdose deaths

Then there is the increase in suicides over the past couple of years, or at least a sharp spike in attempted suicides, especially among young people, that can be directly traced directly back to the Democrat-supported lockdowns and other harsh restrictions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Teenage boys were already facing record levels of suicide even before the pandemic, and that number predictably surged even higher in 2020 and 2021, though not quite to the extent as it did for teenage girls, who experienced a nearly 51 percent increase in attempted suicides during the two pandemic years, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Concurrent and related to the increased suicide attempts are drug overdose deaths in 2021, which also rose dramatically to over 100,000 per year during that same span of time — a nearly 30 percent increase over the prior year of 2020, which itself had been higher than in the pre-pandemic years, again according to CDC data.

Some of those overdose deaths can be attributed to the despondency of the Democrat-supported pandemic lockdowns, but many can also be traced back to President Biden’s own decidedly lax enforcement policies for the southern border and the fact that huge amounts of deadly narcotics and opioids like fentanyl have been flowing into the country like a flooded river.

Shifting the blame and narrative won’t change the facts

Democrats can attempt to change the narrative and shift the blame all they want, but anybody who has been paying attention over the past few years knows that it is not the Republicans who are allowing hardened violent criminals back on the streets, locking people down over a virus, or throwing open the border to all comers and the crime and drugs some bring with them.

It is, in fact, the Democrats and their favored policies that have wrought havoc in this nation and resulted in surging crime and murder rates, suicide attempts, and drug overdose deaths, and Republicans would do well to constantly remind the American people of those facts as the midterm elections approach in November.