Democratic senator won’t say if she wants Biden to campaign with her

Polling data suggests President Joe Biden isn’t well liked in Nevada, with a Civiqs survey showing that his approval rating there stands at just 37%.

It’s not surprising then that Nevada’s Democratic Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto refused to say whether she wants him to campaign with her. 

“My focus”

Breitbart reported that in a Good Morning America segment that aired on Monday, Cortez Masto was seen being asked by ABC News host Rachel Scott if she would like Biden to join her on the campaign trail .

“Senator, would you campaign with President Biden?” Scott asked the senator. However, Cortez Masto refused to give a definitive answer.

“He is always welcome to Nevada,” Cortez Masto said of the president. “As you can see, my focus is on getting out and talking to Nevadans.”

For his part, Republican Senate challenger Adam Laxalt put out a tweet last month taking note of Cortez Masto’s avoidance of the president while also highlighting a report that her husband solicited work for his security firm from Hunter Biden.

Biden grew irritated

The president grew visibly irritated with a reporter last week when she pointed out that while Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman sought help from him, candidates in Ohio and Georgia have been reluctant to follow suit.

“Tim Ryan in Ohio says he doesn’t want you there. Warnock said he wouldn’t say. Do you think they’re making a mistake?” the reporter said.

“No. There have been 16 that have already (inaudible), and a lot more have asked — another 20 or so. So I’m going to be doing it,” the president snapped back.