House Democrats advance legislation designed to grant DC statehood

Democrats have long sought to expand the number of U.S. states in a quest to amass more political power, particularly by admitting Washington, D.C., as the 51st state.

Congressional proponents of such a measure will not have to wait much longer to cast their votes in light of recently introduced legislation aimed at making the district a state — but the move is attracting plenty of criticism.

“Explicit provisions of the Constitution”

According to reports, the House Oversight Committee approved H.R. 51 last week and the measure is scheduled for a floor vote on Tuesday.

As Breitbart’s Wendell Husebo noted, however, detractors contend that recognizing the District of Columbia as a state would be an unconstitutional move.

The Office of Legal Counsel released a statement in 2007 declaring that “the explicit provisions of the Consitution do not permit Congress to grant congressional representation to the District through legislation.”

Similar opinions were previously expressed under the Reagan and Carter administrations, according to the Heritage Foundation.

Now, the argument is being advanced in a letter recently signed by 22 GOP state attorneys general.

“It does not have the authority”

“If this Congress passes and President Biden signs this Act into law, we will use every legal tool at our disposal to defend the United States Constitution and the rights of our states from this unlawful effort to provide statehood to the District of Columbia,” the letter asserts.

Its signers argue that “not only does Congress lack the authority to create an entirely new state out of the District, but it also does not have the authority to reduce the size of the District to the equivalent of a few federal buildings and surrounding parks.”

Nevertheless, many conservatives believe progressives plan to push forward with the controversial plan in pursuit of two additional reliably Democratic seats in the U.S. Senate. The effort coincides with other proposals, such as eliminating the filibuster and expanding the size of the Supreme Court, which are also widely seen as partisan power grabs.

A handful of Democrats spearheaded a bill designed to add four new justices to the nation’s highest court, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said that she has “no plans” to bring that measure up for a vote.

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) called the court-packing plot a “direct assault on our nation’s independent judiciary.”

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11 Responses

  1. Thank you to the 22 GOP Attorney Generals that are aware of the demorats latest attempt at breaking the law. The Constitution, which is the laws of America are not meant to be broken or changed. The District of Columbia, is never to become a state. biden and his fools think they can do this. The 22 GOP Attorney Generals are waiting for the demorats to make a move. biden and his fools all think they are above the law, well, of course they’re not. I hope those 22 AGs will consider that. ❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

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  3. The District of Columbia is not a state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is kept Separate for good reasons………..

  4. Hey people! You all asleep at the wheel while your Country is seriously crumbling right before your eyes? You waiting until their hammers start hitting you on the head? It will be too late then. Please do not forget that the DC criminals have made deals with Iran, China, and the UN. They now have the illicit available manpower that could be too strong for us to overcome.
    They need to be parked on the curb B4 they totally turn us into another Venezuela (which they are doing right now!). You’ve seen what’s going on in N. Korea. Well that’s how bad the DC bandits wants to do it to us now! China will happily teach DC how to subjugate us just like they did to their own people.

  5. The founding fathers didn’t want dc to be a state .It is not suppost to . The only reson democrats want political power same as making Pr a state.

  6. Democrats follow rules like a professional boxer that bites the ear off of his opponent! The entire party is acting as if they need to be run out of the country!

  7. Get rid of Piglosi and impeach the entire Biden administration! Clear the decks of demonrats before we are no longer a free country! Stand up for your rights or loose them!

  8. We are really seeing “unity” “working with both parties” “working for ALL the people” What a joke this Biden/Harris administration! They haven’t said or done “ANYTHING” so far except spout racism, encourage violence, etc. It is as if there are NO people in America EXCEPT them. The say anything and do nothing. God forbid and please help us!

  9. The only way to change the Constitution is the Amendment process. That would require 66% of the state’s to approve.
    Before a bill is presented for a it should go to committee for a Constitutional Test.
    This absolutely proves the demonicRats do not care about the Constitution.

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