Democrats appear to bail on Tom Malinowski as midterms approach

Rep. Tom Malinowski (D), who is running in New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, would likely have to defend himself against the Republican candidate on his own because the House Democrats’ campaign arm is allegedly not sending any resources there.

According to a report by Breitbart News, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) did not reserve any television time for advertisements to aid the party loyalist, the New Jersey Globe confirmed on Monday, even though there were only two weeks until the election.

With regard to Malinowski’s reelection campaign, the DCCC has not spent a lot of money. Republican Thomas Kean Jr. is running against the two-term congressman.

According to analyses, the congressional district shifted slightly more Republican after the redistricting process: the election model at FiveThirtyEight predicts Kean will win 71 times out of 100; the congressional district is rated as leaning Republican by the Cook Political Report; and Inside Elections recently updated their prediction to tilt Republican.

It usually suggests the member might win on their own, which is uncommon, or that the member’s destiny is sealed and the cash would be more beneficial elsewhere if the DCCC withdraws its funding or stops reserving any television during the last weeks of an election.

The most recent internal poll indicates a 48% tie between the two candidates, but an external survey by RMG Research shows Malinowski with only 38% and Kean with 46%.

Despite all the projections, DCCC spokesman James Singer refuted the Globe’s claim that the committee had completely deserted the lawmakers.

“The DCCC is committed to re-electing Congressman Malinowski, who has run a strong campaign that has him neck and neck with two weeks to go,” Singer told the Globe. “The DCCC has an office in this district and has made significant investments in field and communications to support Rep. Malinowski’s efforts.”

In order to support Malinowski, the House Majority PAC, the primary super PAC for the House Democrats, had already invested $1.25 million, including $183,000 this week and $160,000 for next week.

The Republicans, though, are spending a lot of money in an effort to turn the congressional district red.

The DCCC’s Republican rival, the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), has invested $1.28 million in the fight for television.

The Republican alternative to the House Majority PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, is also spending $3.8 million.