Democrats are what they accuse Republicans of being, Townhall columnist says

A Townhall opinion piece released on Sunday suggested that when Democrats accuse Republicans of things, its shows what they themselves are.

Derek Hunter began by asserting that it isn’t just President Joe Biden destroying the economy and damaging the American reputation in the world, it’s the entire Democrat party.

“The election in just over 2 weeks is the last chance to rein in Biden’s consistently wrong instincts to prevent permanent damage,” Hunter wrote. “But it’s not just Biden doing that damage, it’s the entirety of the Democrat Industrial Complex and the real ‘big lie’ being sold to the public.”

This is the first example of Hunter’s point, which is that when Democrats accuse Republicans of lying about election results, it’s because they themselves are lying about elections. They have done everything they can to give themselves a dishonest advantage in the midterms: using Big Tech to censor Republican viewpoints, lying about their positions on abortion and other issues, relying on their media sycophants to ignore anything that makes their candidates look bad, and blocking national voter ID laws that 80% of the public favors just in case they can cheat a little and win that way.


That’s just to name a few of the things they have done; this article does not have space to do an exhaustive review.

Hunter cites an example of media sycophantism in the recent interview Biden gave to the Joy Reid Show.

Host Jonathan Capehart asks Biden a question that is sycophantic even for an MSNBC host: “Can our democracy survive when the Republican Party is…it only cares about power?”

“Honestly, Joe Biden can skip his next colonoscopy, Capehart was just up there, kissing everything, and saw nothing,” Hunter pointed out.


But the real point Hunter is making is that we need to look at what the two parties have become in just the last decade or so to understand how bad things have gotten and why so many people seem to be voting Republican this time around.

There are no more pro-life Democrats, for instance. They all have to be in lockstep that abortions must be allowed any time during the pregnancy, for any reason.

There are still pro-choice Republicans, however, as well as Republicans that favor varying amounts of restrictions. No lockstep there.

Hunter also argues that Democrats have all but abandoned capitalism, and most can’t even define what a woman is. They’ve become as radicalized as they accuse Republicans of being.

“That’s what Democrats are now – a group of people lying to the base they’ve fought hard to keep ignorant,” he said.

“The extent to which it works in the future is dependent upon how much it has worked so far,” he concluded. “The results of this election will determine more than who controls the House or Senate, it will determine whether or not we start to pull up from the Democrat-imposed nosedive on everything from free speech and economics to the Alphabet Mafia and cultural rot.” Or not.