Democrats, Beto included, parade on TikTok in desperate bid for votes

PJMedia’s Kevin Downey Jr. chronicled several desperate Democrats including Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O’Rourke who took to Chinese-owned TikTok in recent days to “beclown” themselves with dances and other ridiculous stunts in order to get some more votes. 

Here’s Gretchen Whitmer trying to shake her bootie hard enough to scare off Republican Tudor Dixon:

Beto is super-creepy

Beto O’Rourke also tried to dance his way out of failure, but just came off looking super-creepy. Sorry to say, you won’t be able to unsee this once you see it.

They even trotted out Obama to talk to some lib sitting under their desk (am I supposed to know who that is?) and tell them to vote. Obama was almost as stilted and awkward as his wife was when she guested on iCarly years ago.

“The Dems send one black person to Tiktok, and he’s the only one who doesn’t dance,” Downey commented.

Base defecting

Why are Democrats going to these lengths to humiliate themselves in front of their friends’ kids?

Because their base is defecting like crazy. Food and gas prices are going through the roof, and people are MAD that they have to pay more due to their own party’s ignorance of basic economics.

Furthermore, they really have nothing that will convince voters to back them because they aren’t doing anything to fix any of the problems. Their solution is to spend more money, which will only make the problem worse.

My 16-year-old summarized the state of politics today as follows, based solely on her consumption of political ads: “Republicans want to take away your rights, and Democrats want to take your money.” And who would want to vote for that?