Senate Democrats block testimony from female athletes during Equality Act hearings

Despite its innocuous name, the Equality Act has attracted criticism from Americans alarmed by its potential consequences for religious liberty and women’s sports, in particular.

Democrats on Capitol Hill are apparently not interested in debate, however, and a group of senators from that party recently blocked female athletes from testifying about the likely harm of allowing males to compete with them, according to the Washington Examiner.


For their part, progressives say the Equality Act would prevent discrimination. Many prominent conservatives, however, argue that it would do just the opposite by undermining religious rights and forcing women to compete with men in sports.

Furthermore, critics argue that the act should be defeated because it would require biologically male and biologically female individuals to share gendered spaces including locker rooms.

Both sides dug into their respective positions during a Senate hearing on Wednesday, with Democrats glibly painting their critics as bigots harping on unfounded fears and using religion as a “weapon.”

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin (D-IL) used his position to exclude testimony from Christina Mitchell, a prospective witness who planned to declare that “females will be eliminated from any meaningful participation and will be subjected to an increased risk of injury in contact sports” if the Equality Act becomes law, as the Examiner reported.

Her daughter, Chelsea, and two other students — Alanna Smith and Selina Soule — were also left out of the hearing.


The students are involved in a Connecticut-based lawsuit challenging the inclusion of males in sporting programs for women and girls.

While the Trump administration’s Justice Department supported that lawsuit, President Joe Biden withdrew the case in keeping with his administration’s focus on LGBTQ issues.

In defense of the Equality Act, Durbin declared that it “would ensure that LGBTQ Americans are protected from discrimination in public accommodations, education, federally-funded programs, employment, housing…and jury service,” according to ABC News.

Mary Rice Hasson, the Kate O’Beirne Fellow in Catholic Studies at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, on the other hand, insisted that the bill would “coerce people of faith to exit the public square unless they trade their religious beliefs for the reigning ideology of today,” as ABC reported.

According to the Washington Examiner, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) meanwhile weighed in with his own assertion that excluding testimony from female athletes proved that Democrats “didn’t want the American people to hear…about the unfairness to little girls having girls’ sports destroyed because of the radical policies of today’s Democrats.”

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20 Responses

  1. If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we will be led like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington

    1. The Dem party is a coalition. Of freaks , misfits and angry people who hate themselves and want the Dems to be a mechanism for their self hatred to be turned into revenge. Against normal people who mean them no harm and are simply trying to live their lives. The Dems are just evil whores. Stoking animosity, jealousy and envy of those who make this country function, on behalf of those who gnaw at our Judeo Christian principles like rats. I hope I see them at the gallows where they belong in my lifetime. They are traitors and pure scum. No morals whatsoever. Their judgement awaits them in the hereafter but I wish we could execute justice in this world

      1. I like your comments and agree 100%. They do not want a sovereign free country with all our rights and freedoms as afforded by the constitution. Actually they are fine with destruction of the nation. They don’t believe in lawful order.

        1. I would go one further and say they just don’t give a damned about the American Citizens or how they feel about anything! These are what THEY WANT. Nancy says she speaks for the American Citizen, she doesn’t speak for me or anyone I know, she speaks for the DemonRat Party! Their as EVIL as ever only now they have their act together and constantly POINT THE FINGER at everyone else but THEM and the Corruption they commit against Humanity! Blaming Trump for the Chaos at the border JUST DOESN”T FLY with any American that I know of! He had GOOD Immigration policies set and in place and few even tried what is happening today! BIDEN owns it!! Not Trump!! Evil Evil People!!

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  3. If the plot for absolute control over the population isn’t obvious to the weak minded liberals now it never will be. All the commiecrats are after is complete control and you children put them in office. They say they’re for women’s rights yet they want to smash them with this lunacy. You’re getting what you asked for.

    1. Of course there is a cure. Get the Attorney General, the DOJ, NSA, DHS and FBI as well as the courts and congress to do their jobs to PRESERVE AND PROTECT! Impeach the traitors who have been ignoring the Constitution and aprehend the co-conspiritors and bring them all to justice. Then stop voting for people who are only interested in gaining power and wealth regardless of political affiliation.

  4. Solve the problem by requiring every member of Congress to use the same restroom and the same shower in their in their Exercise facility. Then we will see how much they agree with what they are calling for.

    1. John, that won’t work. Any Congress people seeing Pelosi taking a shower would be instantly struck dead. Seeing that would kill anybody.

  5. Th” Swamp” just continues to display and expound their ideaology for all to see at the expense of every American citizen..

  6. It’s a guy thing why let girls talk transgender becomes girl don’t you know follow the science everyone knows God makes mistakes follow the science girls are guys guys are girl and God is no longer in control come on man or woman or or you know follow the science can I smell your hair that’s a thing now vote Joe Biden were still trying to get 80million votes only need 79million more

  7. Little doubt about why the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, want to take your weapons.
    They intend to force your mothers, sisters daughters and mothers to use the same restroom that men use.
    They intend to destroy your religion.
    They intend to force you to pay for the murder of babies.
    They still think all they have to do is keep on talking and steal elections
    Its time folks only one answer to dealing with them.

  8. You democrats are the most evil hating creatures that ever existed. You are the destruction of America. AMERICA’S it is time to fight these bastards. It is time we go after the cancer being the dems. and libs.. Time to fight. We will stay divided because they want to. The dems. and libs. are the cancer.

  9. It’s just amazing that we can’t have a transgender division…. it could be that easy…. but that’s we all have seen Democrats can’t figure out if they’re a man or a woman… and we also know they have no idea what illegal means

  10. Watching documentaries from the 1930’s as the Nazis came into power… the Dems seem to be in lock step following these nazi actions…. take away rights. limits speech. destroy our laws. destroy schools… and it goes on and on…

  11. Agree with all posts! They want our kids confused, because a fearful, confused, sick, depressed, broke, hopeless population is easier to control! They don’t care that our women and girls are put at a disadvantage in sports competition, or having to use the same locker rooms, showers, bathrooms as the he/she’s , because that is “ progressive”. What a load of crap! Our girls are entitled to a safe, equal place, not a perverted one!

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