Democrats cast selves as underdogs because they don’t want to admit they’re in charge

Comments by President Joe Biden and other top Democrats at a fundraising dinner on Thursday night suggested that they can’t bring themselves to admit that they are the ones in charge, rather than Republicans. 

I guess you really can’t blame them for their reluctance, given the state of the economy, the border, and world affairs. Who would really want to take responsibility for the last two years?

That may be why the Democrats in the audience answered Biden’s question–“What is the Republican platform?”–by saying, “Staying in power.”

Keep in mind, Democrats hold the presidency and both houses of Congress and have done so since January 2021.

“Scrappy underdogs”

But they spent the whole night making it sound like they were scrappy underdogs because, well, who doesn’t like an underdog?

They just can’t get away from the idea, even at a fundraiser featuring Rob Reiner, Bill Nye and Tom Ford that will raise $5 million for Democrat candidates.

The only way in which the Democrats’ statement is true is that incumbent Republicans want to keep their seats, but the same thing is true of Democrats, other than the 30 or so that have decided to retire after this term.

As National Review pointed out, “Republicans want to get power, not stay in power!”


That won’t stop former President Barack Obama, who probably could have gotten elected president another two or three terms, and superstar Bruce Springsteen from calling themselves “renegades.”

It won’t stop leftist megacorporation Walt Disney Company from portraying itself as an underdog going up against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Since the press goes along with whatever Democrats say, at least 99% of the time, they’re going to get away with doing this over and over again.

It may just be up to Republicans to make it true.