Sherrod Brown calls for Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley to resign from Senate

Last Wednesday, two Republican senators made headlines for leading an unsuccessful effort to challenge the outcome of the presidential race.

Although many criticized the move, one high profile Democrat is going further: he wants them removed from office.  

During an interview on MSNBC’s The Beat, Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) called for the expulsion of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) from Congress, Breitbart reported.

Brown: Expel Cruz and Hawley

“I called for the resignation of Cruz and Hawley,” Brown told host Ari Melber. “Of course, they’re not going to. We need to move forward on expulsion.”

“[T]hen we consider what do we do after Senator Schumer becomes majority leader, what do we do with the six senators who sided with the terrorists after the attack on our country and on our Capitol and on our democratic government,” Brown continued.

“What do we do with the 130 who voted with the terrorists after the attack?” he demanded, referencing the riot at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Cruz has strenuously denied that he played any role in the violence that took place in Washington, telling NBC affiliate KXAS-TV on Thursday that he had “nothing to do” with what took place.

“What I was doing is debating on the floor of the Senate election integrity,” he said. “That has nothing to do with this criminal terrorist assault, which was wrong and needs to be prosecuted.”

No-fly list

Meanwhile, House Homeland Security Committee Chair Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-MS) is pushing to have Cruz and Hawley added to the no-fly list, Newsweek reported.

“First of all, these folks, in my opinion, can be classified as domestic terrorists because of the actions they participated in on Wednesday,” Thompson told SiriusXM host Joe Madison.

“Now under normal circumstances international terrorists are out on no-fly lists. These are domestic terrorists — same thing. A terrorist is a terrorist, no matter who you are,” he continued.

Thompson went on to tell Madison that “there’s no question about it,” adding, “There’s no exemption for being put on the no-fly list.”

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52 Responses

  1. Remember when the government didn’t work for the people .it was right before 1776 WAKE UP government!!!!

    1. It appears that history will soon repeat the government prior to 1776. It appears that the people in charge of the “so call government for the people” do not want people in the government who has the (nerve, guts, balls) to stand up for what they believe in. The people in charge wants people they can fully control (little puppets) all they need to do is pull the cord for those to speak, act, write what ever the one in charge wants at any given time, condition or situation. To me these people do not have a back bone to stand up right, much less has a commitment to the people who voted them in the position they occupy. Has this world gotten so bad, that you have to put on a list in order to travel. If, you get on a “no fly” list that means you can not fly. Who has that kind of power?

      1. i agree with you, annie. very good ention. you are totally correct and it is a repeat. it is ashame but they will all learn for God still has the control.

  2. That’s right Brown, how dare those Conservatives express their 1st Amendment rights, tic. All you’re doing is cranking up People who are ready to explode for the same reasons you accuse these Senators of doing. Whatever happened to the unwritten rule of engagement to never step on someone when they’re down. What does that say about you. Maxine Waters said things far worse than Trump/Cruz/Hawley and those trader RINOs should be charged with treason and desertion. That’s my opinion while I Pray that America stays “whole” and not legally split to which you are breeding either unconsciously, or Heaven forbid with an agenda. Don’t you think saner minds must prevail?

    1. Yes! Saner minds must prevail! We must be patient and play chess, not checkers.

      Statement from the President:

      “In light of reports of more demonstrations, I urge that there must be NO violence, NO lawbreaking and NO vandalism of any kind.

      That is not what I stand for, and it is not what America stands for. I call on ALL Americans to help ease tensions and calm tempers. Thank You.”

    2. That is the way it is going to be from now on. The demonrats are also planning on ending all supporters of President Trump. The demonrats and the Rinos will definitely reside in hell.

  3. Please, Sherard Brown, you have the nerve to ask for their resignation I live in Columbus Ohio & you haven’t done anything for the people here. President Trump has done more for us than any other President. He worked for the people he wasn’t out there like HRC, Obama, Biden breaking laws, trying to bring Trump down & got away with it due to the corrupt media, Pelosi, & Democrats. yet they are blaming Trump for everything that goes wrong to cover up for the laws they’ve broken. I am sick of them getting away with it, yet with the power, they have from billionaires money Americans should be ashame of themselves voting on the corrupt democrats

      1. Biden said, “We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics!” This proves they have taken away the power of the vote!

    1. Ashamed of themselfs, Amen!!! They just unleashed the demon-cratic government control. They will come too for those who voted for them, eventually. But, God has the control! Give it to Him, who is the true master of the universe. Call on Jesus for peace and justice. The truth will set us Free!

  4. Cruz has more brains in his pinkie than all of the RHINOS put together!!! Many Many Many of us walking away from Republican Party!!! We know longer have a party that represents us!!!

  5. I just found a document that says that our Government works for Us the People. It’s pretty old though, it’s dated 1776…. Wake Up Democrats!

  6. they seem to think we work for them lately and I for one am sick of them– time to let them know who their boss is n’ it aint Nancy- and any other looney elected senator or house member– they (The looney DemocRATS) have show just how HATEFUL AND DIRTY THEY ARE–maybe it is time to clean out the dirty laundry and start over –they seem to forget RESPECT IS EARNED AND THEY DONT HAVE ANY FOR US SO WHY HAVE ANY FOR THEM–I dont

  7. BDS is absolutely right! Cruz and Mark Levin are two of the smartest men I can think of and I would absolutely want them on my side in a constitutional fight of any kind. I cannot believe Mark Levin is still on Fox. They are making it difficult for conservatives everywhere.

    1. Gosh, I love how most folks are taking so openly and yet respectful to one another! Bring peace and harmony, and teach ourselves self control.

      The truth will set us free!

  8. Sherrod Brown is a fool. If he thinks that having a bunch of Yes people in Congress is a good thing, he is sadly mistaken.

  9. Whata bunch of bull s. That’s his job anyone that thinks Biden received 80 million votes don’t have a brain in there head. Wein Ohio will remember you when you run again. Just go to work and do your damn jobs. Please

  10. What about the People? Wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi who laughed and said they held stimulus back from the American people to hurt Trump in the election? Wasn’t that not in the best interest of General Welfare of the American People? I myself thinks that Pelosi and the rest who have forgotten who they were appointed by need to be removed from office….if they don’t work for the United States and the People they aren’t needed….yes they played a part in the protest that happened on 01-06-2021….so do they go on the no-fly list too? She has done nothing for 4 years but entice hate and violence toward Donald Trump, along with a few other of those so called cowards in D.C.

  11. What about the People? Wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi who laughed and said they held stimulus back from the American people to hurt Trump in the election? Wasn’t that not in the best interest of General Welfare of the American People? I myself thinks that Pelosi and the rest who have forgotten who they were appointed by need to be removed from office….if they don’t work for the United States and the People they aren’t needed….yes they played a part in the protest that happened on 01-06-2021….so do they go on the no-fly list too? She has done nothing for 4 years but entice hate and violence toward Donald Trump, along with a few other of those so called cowards in D.C.

  12. I believe that if the Senate can continue down this path to expel Senator Cruz and Senator Hawley for the actions I took representing the people that elected them the Democrats are going to open something that they wished would have never been open. They have the legal right and based on the Constitution to be able to challenge the election results. I believe that the state of Texas has Senator Cruz. May the grace of God have blessings upon this country as we go through this coming time.

  13. Are their BLM and Antifa, Pelosi, Waters, and others on the no-fly list. Is this the devil and dictators that we have to deal with for the next 4 years. Criminals. What about Hillary, Obama and Biden they are worse than these 2 guys ever have been!! Why does Americans have to pay for these worthless politicians that all they want to do is destroy innocent people’s lives because their dirt is so deep. Are they in such hate and fearful they will soon be found out and so all they want to do with our tax dollar is take away people that were voted in legally by the people and for the people and doing their jobs well. Pelosi made a hate law and when are they going to start enforcing it on people like Waters, Brown and others that only thing they want is to put danger in the lives of others to have like BLM and Antifa come to their houses threating their lives. Where is justice?

  14. the only thing that’s wrong on PRESIDENT TRUMPS is he’s not a (demoncrapper)other wise it would be all praise. Washington was just another peaceful protests something like most of last year that the (damrats) encouraged & bailed out of jail.harris staff were some

  15. If you want to declared Domestic Terrorists you should look and the top Speakers of the Democratic Party. The Republicans are nothing but Patriots for America and her People!

    1. Don’t want to bust your bubble but, you best look at the rinos. They are not your reps. They are the globalists and war monger corporatists. The only time they think about the people is when they need your vote.

  16. You people need to grow up. Trump has been wheeling and dealing all his life. He doesn’t care what happens to us, all he cares about being boss and saving his butt from going jail for all these deals he has screwed people over. I knew this was coming n 2016 and if you would just open your eyes you would too. But had you rather been on the capital building a long with the PROUD BOYS killing people and beating officers and national guard (by the way the National guard had no guns,) killing a police officer with fire extinguishers and beating people with poles with Trump flags on them just to name a few. People have to be accountable for their actions and I watched Trump tell that group that you can’t win if your weak you have to be strong and fight you go with me down to the capital and fight for what you what and they did and they have under their belt 6 deaths, hundreds wounded and a Congress that was scared out of their minds. If they had got to them wonder what would have happened? Hostages, murder, they trashed the capital building and tried to get to the Congress people and the House of Representatives luckily they got out of there in time. They took pictures of themselves in different Congress offices, stole things, trashed multiple offices all because Trump run his mouth like always done supporting this riot and he backtracked after he found out what it is going to do to him personally. Now he is condemning the riot to little to late. He should have thought of that in 2016.

    1. You ate 1 sick puppy! Not a smidgen of a brain in your head! You have done more to insite riots than our President ever did!!

    2. You ignorant POS. That was paid for BLM & antifa. Pre-planned riot which start long before the Trump rally had finished. The capital police opened the gates and doors to let the rioters in. You are a useful Idiot. One that will be eliminated once communist gain full control. Read history about Stalin, Mao, Castro and Ho Chi Min.

    3. I am so sorry that you do not have one working braincell in your head. And you are stupid enough to follow mainstream newsless. Hope you enjoy living in a communist nation with your taxes (which President Trump decreased) raised higher than they have ever been, plus so many other evil things demonrats have planned. They are going to end America.

  17. Tell Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) to pull his head out of his FAT BUTT and act like a man. We all know he is not a man and OH should be ashamed of themselves for putting a WIMP in office. Maybe we should go back to when TRUMP was elected and call for all of the DENS. that objected to Resign.

  18. It is odd and at the same time funny to see hoe big hypoctites the left is.. They never said a word to condemn antifa or blm, whom they paid handsomely and used for better than half a year, where ever they found it conveniently, but NEVER once called by their rightful titles, very abtly our President did, he called them TERRORIST, since they wrecked havoc and fear wher they showed up and it was a constant for over 6 month, …I’m NOT defending the patriots, but it happened once and according to the left they have already earned the title TERRORIST, because a few stepped out of line, the whole bunch “earns” the title and the President gets the blame, but some senators who really had NOTHING to do with it but had the will to stand up and let everybody know that they felt something was not kosher with the election, they are only using their God given right to free speech and you want to expel them?.. Well mr. thompson I do believe that you are a little out of line, since they did NOT do anything against the law………

  19. Oh yea Trump is RIGHT AGAIN !
    No way was this a fair election.
    It’s. So blatant, so deceptive so scandalous, Who could claim a win like this? Old China Joe will !
    He has no honor ! He sold it to CCP
    He plagiarized everyone he could.
    He stole another mans wife.
    He’s old he’s bold, soon to be colld
    DIRTY JOE BIDEN A.K.A big guy

  20. The voter fraud in the election was so blatant that anyone who says there wasn’t any is either terminally stupid or totally dishonest!

  21. How completely unhinged an frighteningly totalitarian the Democrats have become, virtually overnight.

    To all those that denied that this radical, and constitutionally abhorrent type of activity would become commonplace if they took all three branches, open your eyes and look around.

    * Impeachment without Evidence, Testimony or Opportunity to Defend oneself – Done!
    * Being placed on the no-fly list for suspicion of attending a protest Democrats condemn – Done!
    * Being fired from your job, or prevented from being hired if you worked for, or supported the previous administration – Done!
    * Being expelled from Congress for questioning highly suspicious and potentially criminal actions of the ruling party – In Process!

  22. Sherrod Brown is the one who should be thrown out of Congress for daring to question the First Amendment Rights of the Republicans who don’t agree with the Demonrat. Who the blazes to these excuses for Representatives think they are. Where do they get off telling other members of Congress that they don’t have the right to speak or do what they believe in because they don’t think they way those treacherous DemoRATS do.

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