Op-ed: Pelosi, Democrats face impending defeat in impeachment ‘Stalingrad’

House Democrats under Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) hurriedly passed articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, only to then sit on those articles and refuse to pass them along to the Senate for a trial while Congress went on recess for the Christmas holiday.

While some in the liberal media have lauded Pelosi’s inexplicable delay tactic as a sound move that will gain leverage and lead to victory, PJ Media‘s Mark Ellis took a decidedly different view of the current situation and determined that, rather than being on the verge of winning on impeachment, Democrats are actually in retreat and at risk of suffering a counterattack from President Trump.

In fact, Ellis compared the whole thing to the Battle of Stalingrad, a decisive turning point in World War II in which a rapid German advance deep into Russia became stalemated, was ultimately reversed, and resulted in the Germans retreating all the way back to Berlin with the Russian Red Army hot on their trail.

Impeachment’s Stalingrad moment

In 1941, the German army launched Operation Barbarossa, a lightning-fast, Blitzkrieg invasion of the Soviet Union that pressed deep into the heart of Russia until eventually encountering stiff resistance in the city of Stalingrad in 1942. Then, the rapid war of movement became bogged down in vicious street by street, house by house fighting.

Similarly, the Democrats launched a rapidly-paced impeachment inquiry in the fall that featured secretive and lopsided hearings and the eventual partisan vote on two articles of impeachment. However, upon encountering stiff resistance from Senate Republicans, the push for impeachment has reached a point of impasse.

In Stalingrad, retreat was initially not allowed for the Germans, even as the tide had clearly turned against them, and a Russian counteroffensive had begun to encircle the besieged city while everyone remained dug in through the grueling winter months, for which the Germans were wholly unprepared.

With impeachment, the Democrat leaders are clearly dug in even as it has become patently obvious that their momentum has been lost, and the tide has turned against the issue. Meanwhile, Trump and the Republicans are setting the stage for a counteroffensive of their own against the Democrats, whether via an eventual impeachment trial or through other means.

It was in the spring of 1943 that the Russians finally launched their counteroffensive, and the Germans, who now realized they’d been effectively cut off and risked being wholly obliterated if they remained entrenched in Stalingrad, finally ordered a retreat.

Save for a few temporary holding actions here and there, the Germans retreated all the way back home with the Russians in dogged pursuit, but even then the Red Army didn’t let up, as it sacked Berlin and laid claim to the eastern half of the German territory.

What comes next?

Ellis asserted that House Democrats have already found themselves in a similar situation, whether they realize it or not, as they have become stalemated on impeachment and will soon face the wrath and determined pushback of an embattled president and his allies who’ve endured the Democrats’ scorched-earth assaults for far too long.

He argued that the Democratic retreat has already begun in part — with the passage of Trump’s United States-Mexico-Canada trade agreement as an example of a major concession — even prior to Trump’s counteroffensive being fully launched.

The only question remaining now is whether Trump and the Republicans merely go for the quick and decisive victory of defeating the impeachment effort — kicking the Germans out of Stalingrad — or whether they wage a relentless attack on the weary Democrats all the way back to Berlin — their home districts — in the run-up to the 2020 election?

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