Democrats, experts pile on Harris for refusing to visit southern border

Vice President Kamala Harris has encountered another problem in her response to the border crisis.

According to recent reports, she is now facing criticism from members of her own party for refusing to visit the U.S.–Mexico border amid an immigration surge.

“I hope that she will go”

The Los Angeles Times included some of her fellow Democrats in a list of groups — including “nonpartisan policy experts” — that have publicly criticized the vice president for her reaction to the problem since being tasked with a leadership position by President Joe Biden earlier this year.

Even progressive U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono (D-HI) acknowledged that Harris should visit the southern border, though she partially excused the vice president because she has “a few other things to deal with” at the moment.

“I hope that she will go down to the border,” the senator concluded.

As for Rep. Henry Cueller (D-TX), the message is a bit more direct, asserting not only that Harris is making a mistake by not visiting the border, but she appears to be playing it “very safe by not dealing with the border.”

Theresa Cardinal Brown, a former immigration policy adviser for the George W. Bush and Obama administrations, declared that anyone who “talks about the border should see it,” regardless of their political party.

Ambiguous responsibilities

Along with a number of other Democrats who have spoken out in favor of a border visit by the vice president, these examples add more credence to the belief of many in the GOP that Harris has thus far been negligent in her immigration approach.

It is clear that her reluctance to visit the border is not tied to any apparent travel restrictions. In fact, she has been making trips across the nation with no problem in recent weeks.

The Biden administration, for its part, has essentially declared that Harris is not visiting the border because it is not her responsibility to do so. She and other officials have insisted that she has been given the task of addressing “root causes” for the uptick in migration and is leading the administration’s diplomatic efforts in Central America.

Of course, Republican critics say the Biden administration’s policies are “root causes” for the border crisis and Harris might understand why if she visits the border and speaks to the people who live and work there.

Perhaps, they might wonder, that is precisely why she’s been avoiding the border.

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21 Responses

  1. Harris is a hypocrite and looser that shouldn’t even have a title of VP of the US. She is definitely not qualified to be VP of America!!!

    1. She should be charged for not doing her duty Biden knew a communist VP would bring problems she has communist up bring and her and Biden is putting it out there for us that is all that would make her happy she is not a fit leader needs to be replaced

      1. Neither are fit to lead, thus Obama and Susan Rice is writing speeches and telling the puppet what to say and do and Kamala I believe is scared to death of the people at the border, they are traffickers, and all sorts of bad people that she is deathly afraid of. Even with secret service men she is afraid to go down to the border. In fact, she has absolutly no idea what a VP is suppose to do, and the alleged President is a puppet.

        1. I could’ve wrote it better That sarcastic laugh she plastered on her face is nothing but FEAR !
          She doesn’t have no idea what VP’s responsibility is !
          She’s very afraid of the Border & what it holds.

  2. One can only wonder what the Biden voters are thinking (do they think?) about the incompetent duo they elected!

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  4. I would like to know what vice president Harris is doing to earn her salary. So far she’s been riding Air Force 2 around the countryside going to places with nobody even shows up to see her. I think the current administration of the White House is a laughing joke brought on by the cheating Democrats at the polling places who have no respect for America and democracy. We really need to get some comforter people to run our country instead of what we have.

    1. ok,so in 2021 harris too busy to visit border, picture Harris first ad for president she’ll claim she was responsible for calming the border crisis. she talk about how she single handed solved trumps border issues. and like always she will convince black voters what wonderful job she has done. along with how her and Biden got the vaccine available to Americans. holler how this administration diversity help get more people of color into political positions. but only color is black. and of course most Latinos will agree with that bs because if they don’t then they can not become wanna be black n cool. the media will hide all this, but real Americans see and know the truth Biden Harris administration is 1 lie after another. and for people of color ask yourself what has being part of people of color how has that been an advantage for you. oh yea you get to use the ‘”N” word and not be racist, but you take a back burner to the blacks. oh yes as a Hispanic myself it makes me so proud to see my culture feel back to blacks is exactly the role I want to play. if u have to be a wanna be, first red flag, that u are being made a fool. just so u can smoke blunts with blacks and be on the cool list. oh and yes wanna be, your family is so proud of you. not


  6. She’s waiting for Biden to be put out to pasture, so she can be president. If you think Biden is bad, wait until you see President Harris in action, Yikes!!!

    1. Hey Jesse !
      Kamala CANNOT be President ever !!!!!
      She’s not Born in the USA 🇺🇸
      People joking about her been President of a Mirage in Lala Land 🤣

  7. The entire Susan Rice (AKA as BHO) administration is totally incompetent and needs to be held accountable for destroying our great Country. The minute the thieves that stole the election are identified and imprisoned the better. President Trump is our real President, not China Joe Biden. All those who voted for him including the nonexistent voters must be sorry that they participated in the stolen election, including the 2 Senators from Georgia. Sad days in America. They MUST be punished.

  8. Prostitute Harris is just another Oscuma puppet She is a disgrace and a phony She must be good friends with Adulterous Jill, another title earned and deserved

  9. Kamala like Hillary is made out Teflon, nothing will stick and nobody can touch her , unless is the right bed.
    The GOP can bellyache all they want and not even the USSC will help as they did not help after they watched the BurroRats switching the already marked “democrat” votes” on the last elections.
    Until all the States DEMAND to vote IN PERSON with Proper ID, democrats will continue rigging (stealing) the elections and taking the taxpayers for a RIDE.

    1. Good Thinking Stephen !
      Who’s going to impeach her ?
      The GOP Republicans ? Really?
      They need a Back Bone of that !

  10. Harris will only do what she wants to do when she wants to do it. Political privilege you know.

  11. I hope she doesn’t go so we can get her derelict of duty.
    Ever since she has been in government she the thinks she can do what ever she
    wants and does.
    She was supposed to be in court one day, and they couldn’t find her, she was out with the mayor of San Francisco.
    She thinks she can bat her eye lashes, and laugh, and everything is all right.
    But do her job, it will have to wait. After all these are just immigrant’s, and forced into wire enclosures.
    This is your problem, Joe Biden and you don’t care about anything.
    Especially the United States of America where we are free and home of the brave. We have a Constitution and had the greatest minds of the day. And you think you can change it.
    Never going to happen. We have had others who thought they could, and they had a brain, even walk and run up stairs, and talk coherently.
    It’s never over till its over, and we aren’t even close.

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