MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ crew chastise Democrats for giving up on President Biden

President Joe Biden has done such a poor job thus far that Democrats have increasingly begun to abandon him, as evidenced by Biden’s atrociously low approval numbers and a recent flurry of mainstream media reports openly speculating on who should replace him as the Democratic nominee in 2024.

According to the co-hosts of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, however, it isn’t Biden himself or his failing policies that is the problem, but instead, Democratic politicians and voters and the media who have insufficiently supported the president or touted his accomplishments among the general public, Newsbusters reported.

At one point, co-host Joe Scarborough said of Democrats, “You just wonder why they’re panicking the way they are. They certainly aren’t helping themselves, and they’re certainly not helping their president, they’re certainly not helping their party. And I’m just talking politics.”

“Give Biden a Break”

The conversation Friday on “Morning Joe” revolved around a recent op-ed by Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank titled “Give Biden a Break,” a piece that chastised Democrats for playing into Republican hands by complaining about President Biden and his perceived failures — none of which, apparently, are actually his fault.

Both in the column and on the show, Milbank lamented that Biden faced a sort of “he’s damned if he does and he’s damned if he doesn’t” situation in that, on the one hand, he is criticized for not doing enough to address major issues, but on the other hand, is also criticized for speaking too forcefully on certain topics.

Co-host Mike Barnicle agreed with the columnist and suggested that Biden “gets no credit for the quiet successes that he’s had” because “the loudness overcomes everything.”

Milbank piggybacked off that to try and downplay the major issues plaguing Biden right now — such as high gas prices and inflation — as being problems beyond his control that were actually worse in most other developed nations, such as in Europe.

Problems are worse other places, so Biden isn’t that bad

Scarborough then picked up that ball and ran with it by arguing that the current inflationary spiral was the fault of former President Donald Trump, that America’s soaring gas prices were still lower than prices in Western Europe, and that all presidents, Democrat or Republican, faced tough political headwinds in their first midterm election.

“It’s– you just wonder why they’re panicking the way they are,” Scarborough said of Democrats and the media. “They certainly aren’t helping themselves, and they’re certainly not helping their president, they’re certainly not helping their party. And I’m just talking politics.”

Co-host Donny Deutch then jumped in to say that Biden’s problem wasn’t his age or his handling of major issues, but simply that he had failed to truly connect emotionally with the American people and fully relate his messages and positions and accomplishments to them.

Failure to communicate is not the major issue

To be sure, the messaging from the Biden White House has been laughably bad, but more so by attempting to place a positive spin on his many failures rather than falling short in explaining his victories.

Further, the dismal performance of Biden’s communications team is not anywhere near being a significant factor in the president’s historically bad job approval ratings that, as of Day 539 of their respective tenures in office, have Biden’s approval lower than all of his predecessors going back to President Dwight Eisenhower.

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