House Democrats pass new gun control bill and spread falsehoods about public support behind it

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a gun control bill known as H.R. 8 this week — but perhaps more disturbingly, some Democrats seem to be spreading lies about public support for the bill, as well as President Joe Biden’s record against the National Rifle Association (NRA). 

H.R. 8, also known as the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2021, will require an FBI background check for an individual to sell or transfer a firearm in a private transaction.

Effectively, the bill gives the FBI virtually total control over who gets to own firearms in the United States. That kind of power was not granted by the Second Amendment to any federal agency, and it would make the Founding Fathers roll over in their graves to know such a bill was even a remote consideration.

Luckily for law-abiding gun owners, who would be the victims of such a ridiculous bill, it’s unlikely to pass through the evenly split U.S. Senate, which has kept the filibuster and its 60-vote threshold intact, so far.

Thompson claims 90% support

According to LifeZette, Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA), who introduced the bill, has made claims that 90% of the American public supports such a bill. Undoubtedly, he is likely hoping to shame 10 Republican senators into supporting this clear infringement on Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Interestingly, the lawmaker hasn’t provided any data to back his 90% claim, and he likely will never get the chance — because no such evidence exists, as LifeZette notes. But since Democrats seem to have a built-in immunity from fact-checkers, it’s not a surprise that he would toss out an arbitrary number that plays well in the media.

As of November 2020, Gallup polling revealed that fewer people support stricter gun control laws than they did as recently as 2016. Law-abiding Americans presumably know encroachment on their gun rights is happening, and it’s not a stretch to presume that they don’t want it to go any further.

Biden claims he beat NRA

Meanwhile, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, for her part, has claimed that Biden is “not afraid of standing up to the NRA — he’s done it multiple times and won — on background checks and a range of issues.”

The trouble with her claim, according to LifeZette, is that there’s no real evidence of any victory on Biden’s part over the NRA.

Pelosi joins in on gun control lies

Finally, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is perhaps one of the worst offenders in what started out as spinning the truth, but has seemingly evolved into the blatant spreading of falsehoods in order to gain the political upper hand.

“If you are afraid to vote for gun violence prevention because of your political survival, understand this: The political survival of none of us is more important than the survival of our children,” Pelosi said recently, according to LifeZette. Of course, her comments completely ignore the fact that a majority of America’s “gun violence” problem stems from criminal and gang violence that largely goes unchecked in Democrat-controlled cities across the country.

That’s why H.R. 8 is unlikely to prevent gun violence in any meaningful fashion, because most people who commit gun crimes don’t obtain their guns legally. Those statistics only further prove that Pelosi and her Democrat colleagues aren’t about to let the truth get in the way of a hot political agenda.

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36 Responses

  1. Stop ✋the communist type of gun control it only makes criminals out of honest America citizens
    Impeach Pelosi and Schumer

  2. I would care less if I picked up my newspaper and read that Nancy Pelosi caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Same for Dianne Feinstein and a few more of their corrupt buddies on capitol hill.

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  4. This nonsense has got to be squelched immediately!
    What is going through the Heads of the Leftwing Democrats?

    1. You left out one political fix… politicians and their family & friends bank accounts. They’ve fixed money revenues for themselves to get/be RICH without the possibilities to be exposed for their political criminal acts. The politicians only exception is Trump’s money that is/was legally acquired.

      The emoluments clause, also called the foreign emoluments clause, is a provision of the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 9, Paragraph 8) that generally prohibits federal officeholders from receiving any gift, payment, or other thing of value from a foreign state or its rulers, officers, or representatives (Communist parties included).

  5. Interesting. In my 60 years of voting, I have been polled only ONCE. And how does a poll of skewed questions and a polling group of 1,000 people dictate what my opinions are?

  6. This is what happens when you get FRAUDULENTLY “elected” communists shoved into power. The “deep state” communists need all law-abiding citizens to be disarmed, because that is the ONLY way to take over this constitutional republic, and turn it into a communist-controlled third-world, banana republic CESSPOOL, and the citizens into controlled “subjects” of the communist party. Anyone with a knowledge of history KNOWS what happens when the citizens are disarmed.
    You will “comply” or you will be “transported” to a “fema reeducation camp” (that has ALREADY been openly “discussed) for “reprogramming”…. still refuse, you will be “exterminated”…PERIOD.

  7. Ice Age Biden telling lies about guns again. This is Bidens agenda not the American peoples. Biden does not do what most of what American people want. Ice Age Biden only does what he wants. Its time to get rid of the Ice Age.

  8. There really is not support for the gun bill in the house. The American citizens of this country will not stand for it at no time. It go’s completely against our constitution of this country. If Biden wants a war he’s going to get it in less time than you can see in the future.. The people of this country will declare war on the democratic party and Biden and Harris. The people will not have any mercy on them at all.

  9. Anthony Manzo
    Unfortunately we have to many IMBECILES in CONGRESS. They are to worried and FOCUSED on the Quality of the person wanting to buy a GUN. But they COMPLETELY overlook the CHARICTER, PATRIATISM, ITELLEC, KNOWLEDGE and COMMON SENSE of the IDIOTS running for and ELECTED TO CONGRESS. They SHOULD BE TESTED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. This bill is in direct violation of the Bill of Rights, which is integral to the Constitution.
    To take office in Congress, each Congress person is REQUIRED to take an Oath.
    That Oath swears that person to “Uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic.
    This bill violates that oath, and violates the Constitution, Article 2, Bill of Rights.
    Thus, good legal cause for the impeachment and removal of EVERY Congress person who voted for it, and for them to be banned for life from holding any public office.
    What say you?

  11. We need to stop any gun control bill. If the citizens guns are taken the criminals will come into our homes with guns.

  12. If firearms are baned then criminals will have control along with a very dishonest govermnet. who will destroy hoever they wish, it will be like China,Russia, all socioulst countrys.

  13. All politicians that support this bill will be voted out of office at the next election.
    You got the 90% alright, except it is 90% in favor of the 2nd amendment.

  14. Imagine a street with houses on both sides, and in every house but one, are gang-bangers with guns, the one house is a lawful gun owner who followed the law and filled out an FFL that leads the ATF to that house, the DNC’s new laws have the ATF to go and confiscate the law abiding citizens guns, there is absolutely no LOGIC in what they are doing!

  15. I have followed the law, and every gun I own has an FFL attached, I have never pointed a gun at another human being, i’ve had “gun-safety” courses, and hunted since I was 10 years old. Our government wants to take my guns, while the criminals in the big cities are killing each other daily, and they don’t go after the criminals, why? because they didn’t fill out an FFL, and they know those people will shoot them! We obey the law, go through the proper channel’s and instead of being appreciated, they want to disarm us!

  16. The DNC is a criminal organization and there is more proof of that, than there is their not! If you don’t take criminals guns, and you go after law abiding citizens for their guns, the only explanation is that you are criminals! So when you come for mine, i’m going to treat you like a bunch of criminals coming to steal my guns!

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