Tucker Carlson warns Democrats are ‘more vicious in victory’: ‘Winning seemed to enrage them even more’

Despite spending four years raging against Donald Trump, Democrats seem angrier and more motivated to impose their will on America than ever now that Trump’s out of the White House, Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned.

Not content with Trump’s defeat, Democrats have become “more vicious in victory” as they pursue a campaign of totalitarian retribution against Fox News and anyone who questions their agenda, Carlson proclaimed in a chilling monologue Thursday.

Carlson has commented forcefully and often on an alarming crackdown on free speech that has seemed to build in intensity since the November election, even as many Democrats seem strangely discontented despite sweeping Trump and the Republicans from power.

“Winning seemed to enrage them”

On Thursday, the Fox host returned to the question of why Democrats seem so unhappy, despite achieving their long-held goal of defeating Trump. “They seethed for years while they were out of power, but winning seemed to enrage them even more,” he noted.

Carlson attributed the conspicuous, unabated rage on display at last week’s impeachment trial to a character defect that causes certain cruel and power-mad people, such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), to be miserable unless inflicting punishment on those weaker than them.

“Imagine being Adam Schiff’s landscaper, or Nancy Pelosi’s housekeeper, or anyone at their command?” he said, according to Fox.

“There’s a certain sort of low-character person who becomes more vicious in victory. Power makes them mean,” Carlson added. “The Ottomans destroyed the cities they captured, there was never a good reason to do this, to kill people who had already been captured and who had surrendered.”

Totalitarianism on the rise?

Carlson also warned that this deep-seated desire for power and revenge is driving “the most sweeping mass censorship campaign in the history of this country.”

He pointed to YouTube’s sudden decision to ban the pro-life website LifeSite and Twitter’s suspension of Project Veritas, as well as calls from the Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post and CNN to shut down Fox News, as just a few examples of this totalitarian push to establish uniformity of opinion.

The left won’t rest until they have everyone mouthing the “platitudes” handed down from those in power, Carlson said.

“At this point, everyone else in the media is standing in crisp formation, in their starched matching uniforms and their little caps, patiently awaiting orders from the billionaire class,” he said. “And then there’s Fox News off by itself, occasionally saying things that are slightly different from everyone else.”

Democrats were incensed with Donald Trump’s acquittal in a second impeachment Saturday, which left Pelosi convulsing with anger at “cowards” in the Republican Party, the Daily Mail noted.

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27 Responses

  1. The problem is that the dems are afraid of Trump and fear is a strong motivator. All weak people are at their base afraid of anything that they cannot control and which has different ideas than them.
    Keep strong as you will win in the end.
    There is no way that GOD supports the killing of babies even if Nancy and Biden say so.
    God Bless
    to All

    1. Your post says it all. These people claim to be christian and pray every day, but the truth is that the comandment “Thou Shall Not Kill” means nothing to them. It does not say unless. This is why I stand for prolife and I don’t believe in the death penalty either. Only God gives life and he alone has the right to take it. God Bless

  2. They are like rabid wolves! Wanting to destroy ALL in their path! Piglosi is the beotch who is off the rails, her asinine temper tantrums should not be tolerated any longer! She MUST be removed from office and congress before she can inflict any more damage! She is deranged! Not fit to be the speaker! Impeach her!!!!

    1. I agree with you, Patty. She has become so “obsessed” with this that I don’t think she can think on anything rational. She seems just driven to keep going on this same theme. American needs to start defending our way of life and going against China. Let’s do something good for America—-not bring us down.

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  4. I am one that can tell you that the all democrats of the democratic party are going to start a war in this country. It’s not going to be pretty and the people of this country will not have any mercy on the democrats.

      1. Go to truthfinder.com. If you are a vet and Trump supporter, you are already on terrorist watchlist. My son’s name on there and doesn’t own gun but was military and Trump supporter. My brother in law is deceased and on terrorist list. How is that legal but then they have proven Dems don’t have to abide by law or constitution.

      2. Much love and respect to you good sir from one vet to another… but may I ask what your bronze star has to do with anything??

  5. The Democrats know they stole the election and they know that Trump would have won by a landslide except for their shenanigans. A win by Trump would have rendered the Democrat Party irrelevant. Even I, a conservative, wouldn’t want that. I strongly believe in the value of a two-party system in governance. They expected us to behave, after we lost, like the way they did, violence, looting and destruction. All of us who voted for Trump voted with our hearts and mind. We are to here stay and we are not going away. This is too great a country to hand over its management to those of us who still are not aware that the whole world looks up to us for guidance.

  6. The democrats and the liberals will not stop or be happy until we have a China like country where any one with a different opinion will be removed and sent to a re education camp for the duration of their life

  7. Power , & money, doesn’t matter what method the Democrats try in getting those things, like choosing killing babies is o,k,. What do people see in their evilness?

  8. I agree. They are obesed with control, and they could careless for our Country, our Constitution, and we the people.
    Thats why over 75 million plus voted for President Trump.
    They hate he made our Country better, more prosperous, believes in we the people. Not a crooked politician that is bought off. Buts America First!!

  9. As long as the republicans keep sitting back and being the punching bag it is going to get worse. They are dealing with bullies and the best way to deal with bulliesi is to hit them head on. The republicans need to develops an aggressive offensive program and hit them hard. God knows there is enough information to use against them. This of coarse is dependent on the members growing some orbs and do their jobs.

  10. There are biblical answers for why people become so evil in winning. They have no repentent heart. There goal was paid for by others and they were so into the game that they can not stop even when they win. Some are so evil that they have given their souls over to depravity. They just don’t care. They are in a bad way and they continue to make trouble for others because that is what they live for. It’s a sickness. They should be in jail for what they do and yet somehow they are not in jail. It is past time for America to wake up and realize that the ones in power have sold out to communism and they have been well paid for doing it. If they are not voted out or brought to justice , this will continue in a downward spiral.

  11. The Democrats won’t get away with this forever!! Wait till God pours out his Wrath & Furry on the USA. The Democrats can run but they can’t hide from God’s Judgment on the USA & it’s coming soonar than we all think!!
    You don’t mess around with God’s People for ever without judgement from the throne of Heaven!!

  12. biden and his administration are just frauds. The democrats looked like fools at the impeachment trial. As long as they keep lying and cheating, they will never get the support of the American people.


  14. They rage because, even though they are in power, they know as well as we do, that they didn’t WIN it. That’s Trump’s fault too I suppose. (That’s what bugs them–they knew they couldn’t beat him fairly!)

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