Democrats point fingers at Trump, but were just as slow to recognize virus threat

Democrats haven’t been very subtle about laying blame for the coronavirus and its devastation.

While Democrats may say that it’s all Donald Trump’s fault, Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca.) and some of her fellow Democrats, especially in hard-hit New York, have not acknowledged their own delays in responding to the virus, writes Byron York at the Washington Examiner.

February a “lost month”

In recent weeks, Democrats and media critics of Trump have focused on February as a “lost month” between Trump’s travel ban on China (which they initially opposed) and March, when Trump first enacted federal guidelines to slow the spread of the virus, to argue that Trump shoulders most of the blame for the virus’ spread. But Trump has pushed back forcefully against the idea that he was slow to respond, pointing to his China ban, as well as the fact that Democrats were preoccupied with impeachment until early February.

Their negligence didn’t stop then, though. On February 24, Speaker Pelosi had visited San Francisco’s Chinatown neighborhood to dissuade fears over the coronavirus. “Everything is fine here,” she said at the time.

“Come, because precautions have been taken. We think it’s very safe to be in Chinatown and hope that others will come,” she said.

As York points out, Pelosi is hardly the only Democrat who was slow to respond. In New York, governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City mayor Bill de Blasio both lagged, in their own ways. The state now has more infections than any country in the world, and the New York City metro area is the hardest-hit single part of the country.

As recently as early March, Bill de Blasio was tweeting that city residents had nothing to fear and should “get out on the town despite Coronavirus.” And Cuomo didn’t enact a stay-at-home order in his state until mid-late March, paving the way for an explosion in cases.

Media covers for Dems

Fast forward to today, and de Blasio has dramatically accused Trump of wanting New York to “drop dead” by failing to provide funding. Governor Cuomo has also lobbied for funding and more tests, recently slamming Trump for trying to “pass the buck” to New York “without passing the bucks.”

Cuomo’s early failures, and his occasional tantrums, haven’t stopped him from receiving glowing coverage from the press, with many holding him up as a contrast with Trump. What could explain the disparate press coverage? For the undeceived, the answer is obvious.

Cuomo is smart enough to know that the press will cover for him. He’s not the only one. Pressed by Chris Wallace Sunday to explain her comments in February, Pelosi spoke as if she had never uttered them.

“No, I was saying that you should not discriminate against – discriminate against Chinese-Americans, as some in our administration were doing, by the way, they were labeling the flu and that. No, indeed. And again, I think you – if you check the record, and it’s current, you will see that Chinatown has been a model in all of this.”

If you look carefully, there’s a pattern here. Dems like Pelosi and de Blasio are great at flailing histrionics as a distraction. When called out, they just deflect and carry on. They must think the press won’t hold them to account. The sad part is that they’re right.

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