Piers Morgan: Democrats have Schiff to blame for impeachment defeat

Democrats have only Adam Schiff to blame for their devastating impeachment defeat, Piers Morgan wrote in a column for the Daily Mail on Monday.

The British news personality wrote that the California Democrat sent his party on a suicide mission by impeaching President Donald Trump. Schiff’s quixotic mission came to a predictable and sad conclusion Wednesday when countless hours of degrading political theater and numberless lies fizzled out in a vote to acquit Trump of both articles of impeachment.

“It was the most absurd, stupid act of self-harm I’ve ever seen in modern American politics and one that I strongly believe will now help propel Donald Trump back into the White House for four more years,” Morgan opined.

Schiff hits self-destruct

Schiff has become one of the most recognizable Democrats in the House, thanks in large part to his zealous obsession with taking down Donald Trump. Like a miniature and much less impressive Captain Ahab, Schiff has spent the last five months steering the Democratic Party on a doomed “witch hunt” that ended in tragedy (or comedy, depending on your perspective) on Wednesday, when the Senate voted to acquit the president.

Writing in the Daily Mail a few days before, Morgan slammed Schiff as an egomaniac who had handed Trump his re-election on a silver platter. By insisting on an impeachment that everyone knew was destined to fail, Schiff set up Trump for an extraordinary victory and left Democrats praying for deliverance before November.

“Schiff is obsessed with Donald Trump,” Morgan wrote. “I don’t just mean he’s got a bit of a problem with him, I mean he’s pathologically demented in his absolute detestation of all things Trump.”

The only person Schiff was trying to help, Morgan argued, was himself. Not only has the Democrat become nationally known, but his role as Trump’s nemesis has helped his fundraising and earned him weepy tributes from liberal talking heads on CNN who share his malice toward the president.

The impeachment hoax

Whether Schiff is an opportunist or just insane, he indeed earned the love of the liberal media with his remarkable, absolute lack of shame in peddling conspiracies about the president. Meanwhile, Trump and his allies have frequently described Schiff as mentally ill in some form, as the congressman has proven maniacally, consistently immune to the reproof of fact, even from his allies.

Schiff repeatedly insisted that Trump colluded with Russia — a “bulls**t” claim, in Morgan’s words — well into Trump’s impeachment trial over matters dealing with Ukraine, despite former Special Counsel Robert Mueller reaching the opposite conclusion last year. When the Russia collusion hoax failed, Schiff moved with zero remorse onto the next failed hoax.

Throughout the impeachment saga, Schiff appeared to have lost contact with Planet Earth as he warned that Trump might sell Alaska to Russia if he is not impeached and warned of an imaginary — no doubt very real in his mind — invasion of the United States by the Kremlin, according to Fox News. Schiff also warned that Trump must be removed from office because American voters could not be trusted to choose the next president.

But after boring America to death with countless hours of grandstanding, Schiff’s delusions failed to sway the Republican Senate, and Trump was acquitted. Trump, for his part, didn’t wait to boast after his acquittal, first with a tweet that depicts him as remaining in office forever, then with a message that he would make a statement on Thursday about “our Country’s VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax!”

Schiff might be a sad, disgraceful person, but Donald Trump should be very glad to count him among his enemies.

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