Democrats turning on Cuomo amid nursing home death cover-up

Less than a year ago, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) was being talked up as a potential presidential candidate, lifted by glowing media coverage of his coronavirus response. The glamour concealed an ugly reality, one that has now become impossible for the governor to ignore.

Now, even Democrats are turning on the governor after it was confirmed he covered up how many people died in a nursing home death scandal, Breitbart reported.

Cuomo faces wrath from Dems

Cuomo received rapturous praise from Democrats and the media early on in the pandemic, with self-described “Cuomosexuals” expressing admiration for the governor and his daily briefings. He received an Emmy in November, and was even bold enough to write a book about his “leadership.”

The accolades angered New Yorkers who lost loved ones to a disastrous March policy that ordered nursing homes to accept COVID patients, resulting in at least 13,000 deaths. Cuomo dodged scrutiny for the better part of a year, blasting all criticism of the scandal as “political.”

But he’s facing the music after top aide Melissa DeRosa admitted to state Democrats on a conference call that the governor depressed the official death totals because they “froze” in fear of a Department of Justice probe from President Trump.

Queens Councilman Robert Holden, a Democrat, called on the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences to retract Cuomo’s Emmy, saying his “actions have been an insult to every New Yorker who lost a loved one” to the coronavirus.

“We now know that his TV appearances and clout were used to mislead the public regarding how their loved ones died,” Holden said.

Cuomo unapologetic

Upon receiving the award, Cuomo boasted that he “only offered one thing — authentic truth and stability. But sometimes, that’s enough.” Few are still buying this nonsense, however, as the governor goes to extreme lengths to spin the cover-up as a “delay” of data disclosure.

“Trash. No one believes you,” said state Sen. Jessica Ramos (D-NY). “At no point did the Administration notify the legislature about a DOJ investigation. People died and Cuomo lied then he had the gall to write a book.”

Several Democrats have called for Cuomo to lose his emergency powers — a stunning development after a year in which “King Cuomo” was criticized for his COVID policies mostly by conservatives, who accused him of governing as a negligent authoritarian.

He has never accepted responsibility for the nursing home deaths, recently angering many by callously saying “who cares” that people died. He was as unapologetic as ever Monday as he again blamed “politics” for his woes.

Cuomo also defended the original nursing home order and claimed that his administration has always told the truth about nursing home deaths.

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27 Responses

  1. All of these damned Democrats need to be facing the music in the way they have destroyed America and it’s true values.

    1. I totally agree with you Michael. Why is this taking so long? This has been going on for years and it’s only escalated because of the Dems hatred of Donald Trump. I, for one, am very angry at the Justice system, who have now taken on a “liberated” role in all of this. Impeach all of the scum, who feel they are above the Law, bring back true Democracy, clean up the states, and lets’ get America back on track. Unfortunately, they have gotten away with everything because people let them. So much corruption, it’s blatantly sickening.

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  3. Como wouldn’t know the truth if it hit him in the face. He has lied, blamed Trump for everything he did wrong. Used Trumps name to drag through the mud so he himself wasn’t caught for what he had done. He knew full well what he was doing and never owned up to even the least tiny thing. Everything was blamed on Trump…just another Dem doing wrong and shifting the blame.

    1. Everything the Democratic Party does is lies, deception and diversion. It’s not going to get any better as they continually have closed door meetings to come up with other schemes. Clean the swamp NOW, and impeach those that are crystal clear deserving of this Law. They are not above the Law. People need to stand up and fight. Starting with cleaning the corrupt from their own states.

    1. Not that easy as Cuomo is such a grand stand narcissist and feels he is the King of New York! He needs to be tried for murder and several injustices done to the people in New York. Not just say sorry and leave. Way too easy who was hell bent out of destroying New York as he & and family sat high & mighty.

  4. Cuomo is a self centered truly ignorant man with no leadership abilities whatever and should be recalled ASAP. I believe what he did was criminal and may have been done on purpose. But he very possibly could be that stupid.

  5. Praying for all the people who lost their loved ones without getting to say goodbye and probably not able to have a funeral. As a Christian there will a judgement day and he will get what he deserves

  6. Hard to imagine people actually believed and supported this gas bag. Watching his “briefings” told me he was no more than a narsisstic bag of bovine excrement that needs to get over himself. He should be civily charged with manslaughter and harshly rebuked politically . Fredo is equally as despicable and should be taken off the air.

  7. Agree with all above posts! Cuomo is the poster boy of bad policy! He didn’t care about the people, only HIS fame and popularity! His brother Chris is another douche bag who needs to be fired! New Yorkers need to throw the book at both of them and Mario needs prison time for negligent homicide!



  9. The title is misleading as usual.
    He’s a Democrat, he will never face punishment for his crime of murdering thousands of elderly!

  10. The dems are total hipocrites so what else is new. These lowlife scum are now only protecting their own butts. If this aide to Coumo hadn’t come forward and spilled the beans on sh*thead Cuomo they would still be sucking up to him even while knowing he killed innocent people. These same disgusting dems would have offered to push him for President. Can’t make this sh*t up. This country is now being run by dishonest corrupt people and the swamp slime msm would back him.

  11. Two things come to mind, NPD and fair weather Friends, Cuomo and Liberals combined. Instead of owning up humbly and offering any amends it takes, which would be too little too late, he shirks and blames. The whole Party is shameless.
    Bless those that lost their Lives, and those in sorrow and God help us if we don’t do something about it.

  12. Further to my earlier comment, the Liberals (Cuomo & Co.,) would rather fight amongst each other about truths and consequences and not one of them that I know of, consoled the ones in sorrow, sincerely or otherwise. They’re too busy trying to blame Trump.
    This, Lefties, are your People in Power whom you put there. It’s obvious as to what should happen.

  13. Trump sent him the ship Comfort, and made Javits Center available to help, all the millions spent were not used because he did not want Trump to get credit, all for political purposes and people died.

  14. Green new deal is not going to work Your dam Wind turbines dont work in the cold people need to learn how to make fuel Tell king Biden to eat s–t. Presedent trump would already fixed the problem oo buy the way King Biden is warm eating stakes and playing video games wail we freeze. He is not the president

  15. Look in king Bidens eyes you can see is a allshimers case. He so dam stupide and I hate the sorry B–ht I hope he dies soon and his family sucks

  16. You here this all the time GET HIM OUT OF OFFICE yet watch the next ELECTION every body will forget, and vote DEMOCRATIC like they always do their PROGRAMED.

    1. Yep. Some other (probably manufactured) “crisis” will pop up that will push this to the background. He’ll run for re-election and probably win. This IS, after all, New York. Think AOC, Chuck Shummer, and (once upon a time) Hillary Clinton, et al. However, when your own party turns on you, watch out. And the Dems are known for playing dirty, VERY dirty. . . . .

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