Democrats vote down GOP effort to censure Rep. Waters over remarks prior to Chauvin verdict

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) attracted widespread criticism ahead of this week’s verdict announcement in the Derek Chauvin murder trial for calling on protesters to become more “confrontational” if the former Minnesota police officer were not convicted on all counts related to George Floyd’s death.

Among her most prominent detractors was House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), who brought forth a motion to censure his Democratic colleague — but the effort was soon shot down by leaders on the other side of the aisle.

“We mean business”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had previously offered some support for Waters amid allegations that the rhetoric could serve to intimidate or otherwise prejudice jurors in the case.

When asked on Monday whether she believed Waters had acted inappropriately, Pelosi declared: “No, absolutely not.”

Waters traveled to Minnesota this week where she called on activists in the streets to demand a guilty verdict and “make sure they know we mean business.”

Judge Peter Cahill, who presided over the Chauvin trial, acknowledged in remarks to the defense team that Waters could have delivered “something on appeal that may result in this whole trial being overturned.”

For his part, McCarthy called out House Democrats after his motion was defeated in a narrow party-line vote of 216-210.

“Someone we can’t control”

“Speaker Pelosi, and every other House Democrat, had the opportunity to condemn the violent rhetoric of our colleague Rep. Waters, a chairwoman and senior member of Congress, to protesters to ‘get more confrontational,'” he said. “Instead, they condoned it.”

Waters and her defenders, however, claimed that she was merely channeling the non-violent resistance exemplified by the Civil Rights era.

She thanked her fellow Democrats for their support after McCarthy’s effort sputtered, going on to style herself as a victim and claiming that the GOP had been targeting her as part of a fundraising effort.

“That’s Maxine Waters, that Black woman, who is so uppity, and who is someone we can’t control,” she said. “You’ve got to make sure that I have enough money to keep her from being re-elected.”

Of course, this was not the first remark she has made while in office to result in allegations of incitement. In 2018, Waters called on Democrats to harass Trump administration staffers in public. If the latest censure effort had succeeded, she would have lost her position as chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee.

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24 Responses

  1. You got to be kidding me , she can spout that rhetoric and get away with while they dissected every word spoken before the capitol roit, what a bunch of BS you Republicans better get a backbone before you are completely extinguished.

  2. Quiet apparent that ANTHING the Democrats say or do is above the law. Imagine the Liberal outcry if a Republican were suggesting and inciting actions like those of Waters.

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  4. To Maxine waters nothing is off the table, one is her and her race card, they always bring that out. If it had been a republication all hell would break loose. They think they are the best, , actually a lot of what they have done is probably not on the up and up.

  5. This country is screwed! The FBI, DOJ and right up to the cowards on the SCOTUS are shameful disgusting sob’s that allowed a coup d’etat. Now the dems are completely destroying this great nation. Where I live, a police chief has been charged with cheating to get the chief position. He was stripped of the position and made to retire or get fired. He is now going to prison for a year. Ironic how Biden cheated to get into the White House and nobody did a damn thing to stop it.

    1. Biden cheating goes back further than that. From the time he first ran for the Senate just after the death of his first wife. If that story is true????
      Even Obama was supposed to have been heard saying on an open mic that “Joe has a way of screwing things up”. Again I say if that rumor is true????

  6. What good do our comments make??? No matter what we say it is the same BS, we do NOT get any where!!! I’m truly tired of all this!!! We need to make our own Country and get the hell out of America 🇺🇸!!! America 🇺🇸 is NOT what it was and if we do NOT do something
    now I’m afraid we have lost our America 🇺🇸!!!

    1. Question? Where you going to get the MONEY! to set up an infer STRUCTURE?? Easier said then done. If one could change the IGNORANCE! & CLUELESS STUPIDITY! LAZINESS in our Country! Hell! Most don’t even pay attention why the price of gas when up! Do you know? Cause SLEEPY! COMMIE! CHINA! JOE SHUT DOWN THE XL PIPELINE! PUT 11,000! WORKERS OUT OF A JOB THAT DO THE WORK ON IT! THOSE WHO VOTED FOR THE SOCK! PUPPET! ENJOY YOUR OWN STUPIDITY! THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT LISTENING TO HIS BS! WHEN HE WAS CANPAIGNING! AND YOU DIDN’T THINK HE WOULD DO IT? LMAO! IDIOTS!

  7. So much for those Democrats that spoke up and were supposedly upset with Maxine, ha.
    Everything the Left says and does is false narratives and actions. Please be advised and kindly advise your fellow Conservatives, the Liberals and RINOs are “perfect”, and if anybody should question that, they’ll simply change the Law.

    1. Someone in the DNC needs to check on where & who got money out of Waters campaign funds ????. Rumors I know, But where there is smoke there is fire

      1. They know he kin folks got Hundreds of thousands of dollars. AIN’T NOBODY GONNA DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!! TOO BUSY TRYING TO IMPEACH TRUMP!!! AL SHARPTON OWES $4.5 MILLION IN BACK TAXES. WHAT COLOR IS HE???

  8. I was going to make a sincere comment re hypocracy, but why bother most of the comments on this thread are truly a perverted sense of the real world.

  9. Look, Waters may well be the dumbest woman to ever be in the congress, and she will get away with saying all the stupid things that she wants to, but it could backfire on the Democrats. Stupid Dems like her, and AOC, and Omar, and Pelosi, etc. are not helping the Democrats, and it could cost Pelosi the House the next election!

    1. Roger,
      There will never, ever be a “free and fair” election ever again unless the democommunists and their deep state “handlers” are REMOVED from CON-gress. They have proven they can RIG the elections using our own cyber warfare technology, satellites and “servers” based in another country, (Italy and Germany) that “flipped” the votes from TRUMP to dementia-joe and the “HO”, BRIBE or THREATEN the “judges”and their families to do as they say (or else) BRIBE or Threaten “poll workers” to do as they say, so as it seems right now we have been taken over by corrupt communist operators, and no one in “government” wants to seem to do a damn thing about it as they are happy with the “status-quo” their precious SWAMP and those taxpayer dollars they STEAL that fund their cushy lifestyles.

  10. I don’t believe there is nothing we can do to remove, M Waters, N Pelosi, and the Communist Rat Pack from Congress and Senate AND Presidency.
    Keep your head’s filled with “Wisdom, Grace, and Knowledge”!
    Pray with all your might!!!

  11. All those idiots Democrats that are trying to dictate by intimidation should be impeached. Also should be brought to trial for criminal intent.

  12. That woman is an absolute disgrace to America. She should be removed from congress !! I’ve been around a long time and she is the worst congress person i have ever seen. I don’t know how she gets elected. She doesn’t even live in her district

  13. This behavior has been handed down from generation to generation and instead of fixing the behavior problem they want to blame others for their criminal behaviors..the DNC has funded this behavior (kamala Harris with MN freedom fund) and now it is out of control. Giving a get out of jail free card to blm for rioting and violence is is telling people to stay on the streets and be confrontational ( Maxine Waters)..they tried to impeach Trump for inserrection so they should get the same treatment.IMPEACH Pelosi and waters!!

  14. They yell about trivial things from the Republicans, but allow this. I am deeply concerned about the hypocrisy. May cause me to consider changing party.

  15. All the corrupt Democrats will soon learn that come election time (unless they continue to cheat) they will have few if any votes. The Republicans who are stepping up will be re-elected (unless the underhanded Democrats shoot them which I wouldn’t put past them. Has happened). We the people need to continue to stand up for what is right. Doing nothing, Democrats win.

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