Democrats vote down bill requiring illegal immigrants to get COVID test

Suddenly, it’s clear that Democrats are not as concerned by the coronavirus pandemic as they claim.

Democrats shot down a Republican-backed bill Tuesday that would require illegal immigrants to receive a COVID test, Breitbart reported. So much for “following the science.”

Democrats oppose COVID testing for illegals

Freshman Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA) proposed the bill, called the Requiring Every Alien to Receive a COVID-19 Test (REACT) Act.

The bill would require the Department of Homeland Security to test all migrants it releases into America’s interior for COVID. It’s particularly relevant as America faces down a border crisis caused by the Biden administration’s decision to bring back disastrous policies like “catch and release.”

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said Tuesday that border crossings will soon reach 20-year highs, NBC News reported.

With illegals pouring in at this high rate, Miller-Meeks pointed out that some 185 migrants in Brownsville, Texas have tested positive as of March 8.

“This week, I traveled to El Paso, Texas, to meet with CBP agents and officers,” she said. “I saw firsthand the crisis they are facing, and I believe it is our job in Congress to address it and assist them. Approximately 50% of agents have tested positive for COVID-19, and very few migrants are being tested.”

Illegals first, Americans last

It seems that “science” only matters when it’s time to keep schools and restaurants closed. Funny how that works.

Then again, with Biden and his Democratic allies refusing to acknowledge a border crisis in the first place, this vote is not very surprising. Wouldn’t it be simpler to just protect the country, instead of making this into a partisan issue?

The Biden administration and its media allies insist that migrants are not spreading the virus “significantly,” testing positive at a lower rate than Americans. (Is that supposed to be reassuring?) What about kids in school? Restaurant patrons? But overcrowded border facilities aren’t spreading COVID? Seriously?

How about zero spread? Wouldn’t that be preferable? Are Americans allowed to prefer zero spread? Of course not. To liberals, open borders is an article of faith in their perverted religion, so illegals get “sanctuary,” while Americans are treated as subjects in a police state. It’s a feature, not a bug.

Then again, as liberals often say, illegal migrants also commit less crime than American citizens and are generally their superiors in every way. They come first, Americans get the shaft. At the very least, COVID has brought some clarity to the Democratic Party’s priorities.

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38 Responses


    1. They don’t give a damned about the consequences to the American People at all! But let us NOT GO ALONG with THEIR PLAN and all hell breaks loose! Go figure! Such HYPOCRITES!!

        1. Maybe then they can come up with another BS stimulus bill most of us don’t need, then they can add “pork” funding so that they can find a way to steal it by handing out lucrative contracts to their buddies and receive kickbacks. That’s what they did on stimulus #3, just watch and see! Disgusting PIGS!!!!!!

    2. You got that right! Flood us with illegals and then pay them and not us. Makes perfect sense if you have dementia but otherwise it is as stupid as stupid can get.

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  3. with great fear I ask. When will America see this group of fools getting their way to destroy America?

  4. They are hoping for another spike so that they can justify another shutdown. When is the American public going to wise up to their tactics?

  5. I thought I was understanding that Bidan wants to defeat this covid-19 in America. I guess I was wrong. He is allowing all of these ILLEGAL aliens in the U.S. that have tested positive with it and is doing nothing about it. This is disgusting and need to be Impeached IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner.,

    1. Don’t expect much from Biden (or Democrats for that matter) and you will never be disappointed.

    2. Sad for you if you actually thought this 47 year political POS was going to do anything. He was , is , and will continue to be a useless POS

  6. The republicans in congress are going to have to sue bidens administration. They are going to blame the states that are open for it. They are worthless. Americans are getting tired of these democrats. All of them. People do not want all those illegals coming in. They will let them in and they will still kill and rape. Then the next ones that try it will get shot by a homeowner. People will start taking care of their own family and will not care if they break in and a bullet goes into the illegals. You cannot rely on police so you have to do what you need to stay safe.

  7. What does it take for America to wake up and see that the democrats are out to destroy are country, they are controlled by China.

  8. Send all these illegals to the eastern Democratic states for resettlement since it appears these are the biggest supporters. Wilmington, Delaware would certainly be a most welcoming state to positive Covid spreaders don’t you think? I’m sure Obiden would love to entertain and be responsible for them.

  9. The KKK was started and ran by the Democrats as a way to control the people, isn’t this cancel culture the same thing. Read your history.
    If freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we will be led like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington

  10. Okay is there a conservative left that thinks talk and voting are the way to deal with liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks?

  11. Totally disgusting the lack of brain tissue that runs this country…whoever it is they are insane letting all the Covid 19 people in….killers…rapists….drugs…as I have written before all of these illegals need to be put all around the Capital…the White House…and Pelosi’s home…which all these places have guards …protection….Obama…good news for you now, that looney Biden has been what people call leader… you’re no longer the worst Pres. good ole” Biden has saved you from being the last one in that position….

  12. So, quoting Rohm Emanuel, “…you never let a good crisis go to waste.”

    The Dems need more votes to keep them in power (they cheated to get it this time around-2020 and they will not get away with it again). So here is the plan. Ram through as much as possible to ensure they stay in power…they’re doing it in Congress now.

    The border infiltration issue is another opportunity. Let in as many illegals as you can. The Dems expect 3/4 of them to vote democratic. After they are in, make them citizens…and whala, instant Democratic votes. I estimate somewhere between 25-30 million people are illegals living in the US…that equates to roughly 19-23 million new Democratic votes.

    It isn’t rocket science.

  13. It’s sad when the Democrats ruin our country Americans have no rights they give everything to illegals I will not take a shot I will come and go as I please I will vote as I please I will not be held hostage by these crooks I only wish they will become infected and become a statistic it’s sad that our country is divided this bad but it is the Democrats fault and it is the people who voted for these losers I hope you realize what you did and I hope you suffer at their hands as much is the making the rest of us suffer God help us God please help this country it’s a shame but my father and my brother bought for our rights which we no longer have sad

  14. If we are trying to get rid of covid and us citizens are supose to be getting vaccinated then they need to be testing the illegals there is no reason they should make us go through all this and illegals dont get tested

  15. F— the Democrats for this treason. Our country is a goner if this garbage BILL Democrats stay in power. They need to GO!!!

  16. And people will keep voting these unAmerican people into office because they believe all their lies. I just don’t understand why they don’t see this or believe it. If they seen it and it said republican the media and every social media site would be all over this. How are we going to fix all this if they continue to let all this happen. God help us.

  17. I cannot believe the Dems are this dumb!!!!!!! How can someone vote for reps that just don’t care about our safety.

  18. Immigrationn needs to STOP until Covid is under control, Americans are back to work and in school, The pandemic has slowed way down. I m all for LEGAL IMMIGRATION But not even that until AMERICANS get vaccinated, and are back to work and school. We need time to get back on our feet FIRST


  20. Where is Fauci now when a Republican bill was voted down that all illegals much get Covid 19 shots and wearing masks. Americans must wear masks but illegals don’t have too!!!!! Where is the science D. Fauci???

  21. Covid does not care what race you are it will take your life. And the democrats that are so fond of spending money block this measure. Pelosi the demented schoolyard bully.

  22. Agree with all posts! Boffo the sniffing clown and cud chewing Piglosi are useless pos’s that have NO regard for human life! Not only are they endangering our country by allowing the illegals swarm in, they are allowing the illegal kids to suffer all sorts of abuses! How can this be termed humane? Such liars, cheaters, thieves! Impeach them all!!!!!

  23. I agree, they shouldn’t test illegals for COVID, they should send them back across the border instead. Legal immigrants should be tested though though.

  24. Proving that democrat politicians are super-spreaders. This blood will be on their hands. Having voter remorse yet? You will.

  25. It’s an absolute shame that the dislike for President Trump who has done more for our country than others and they voted for a cellar dweller you cannot tell me his family didn’t know what was going on with Biden and I blame them for putting him out there and humiliating him.

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