Dems are considering another coronavirus stimulus package

Breitbart reports that some Democrats are arguing that the federal government might need to pursue another coronavirus relief package in response to the new omicron variant.

Among those leading the way here is Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). She raised the possibility of further financial relief in a recent interview that she did with the Washington Post. 

“The omicron variant is already affecting restaurants,” she said. “Even a small decrease in business can cause independent restaurants to close their doors. We saw this starkly at the beginning of covid last spring … I think omicron certainly complicates that.”

And, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) has stated that he is “going to push to get another package through Congress.”


The last coronavirus relief package that was passed was the American Rescue Plan. Earlier in his presidency, Biden and the Democrats forced the measure through Congress using budget reconciliation bypassing the need for Senate Republican support.

Many argue that this coronavirus relief package is at least partly responsible for the economic crisis that America is now facing with inflation at a 40-year-high. And, there is no reason to think that another so-called relief package wouldn’t make the situation worse.

The situation already couldn’t get much worse for President Biden, who campaigned on being able to defeat the coronavirus. Remember over the Summer when Biden gave that quasi victory speech against the pandemic?

Reports indicate that the omicron variant, the latest variant of the coronavirus, is spreading rapidly through the United States. And, as a result, it’s 2020 all over again, with talk of lockdowns, mandates, and the need for financial relief for Americans.

An alternative

Democrats are never ones to turn down the spending of more money. But, not all Democrats are on board with another coronavirus relief package.

Some, such as Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), for example, are arguing that such a relief package isn’t necessary. Rather, Jayapal is arguing that all that is necessary is for Congress to pass Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar social spending bill, the Build Back Better plan.

“I think that the big thing covid exposed is all of these gaps in our health-care system, in our child-care system, in our paid-leave system, and that’s what [Build Back Better] was about … so we don’t have these big gaps when these issues hit,” she said.

Thankfully, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) singlehandedly sunk Biden’s bill by publicly stating over the weekend that he will not be voting in favor of it. Don’t expect the Democrats to suddenly drop the bill, though – they’re not. And, don’t be surprised if the Democrats, in the near future, do try to move forward with another coronavirus relief bill: they’re desperate for something they can spin as a success.

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