Dems may be moving away from Critical Race Theory following defeat in Virginia

It appears that the Democrats, following their recent defeat in Virginia, are going to try to distance themselves from Critical Race Theory ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. 

Two Democratic operatives with ties to former President Barack Obama, this week, urged their fellow Democrats to do just this.

Bringing you up to speed

This all follows Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory over  Democrat Terry McAuliffe for Virginia’s governorship.

In the months leading up to this election, education became one of the predominant issues. And, parents, at school board meetings, started speaking out against the “teaching” of Critical Race Theory to their children.

Democrats, particularly those who support Critical Race Theory, have tried to deny that Critical Race Theory is actually being pushed by education departments. But, Fox reports “documents revealed that the curricula did make an appearance on the Virginia Department of Education website, and the department recommended reading material that encouraged teachers to ’embrace’ the theory.”

Exit polls have shown that education was a major issue for Virginia voters in their selection of Youngkin over McAuliffe. A Fox poll, in particular, showed that the association of Democrats to Critical Race Theory really hurt McAuliffe. And, McAuliffe didn’t help himself by telling parents that they should have no say in their children’s education.

Time to jump ship

Considering all of this, Youngkin’s victory over McAuliffe is seen as an indicator that Americans are rejecting the Democrats’ education agenda, which includes Critical Race Theory. So, now some party operatives are urging their fellow Democrats to move away from Critical Race Theory.

One Democrat who is doing so is Stephanie Cutter, the former deputy campaign manager for former President Barack Obama. She recently expressed concern that Democrats, by supporting Critical Race Theory, may lose the support of parents.

Cutter said:

The one thing that we need to make sure of is that Republicans in 2022 don’t become is the party of parents, because we need to be the party of the parents. And we are. We’re the ones that care about school funding. We’re the ones that care about making sure parents can send their kids to school because they have jobs to go to. All of this. We need to own that agenda. We cannot let it go.

Similarly, David Plouffe, a former campaign manager for Obama-Biden, is now advising Democrats to “go on the offense” against Critical Race Theory ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

On top of this, supporters of Critical Race Theory are now trying to claim that Critical Race Theory is synonymous with Black history, which is simply not the case. The central tenet of the former is that America is inherently racist, which is not the central tenet of the latter.

So, we should expect the Democrats to change their messaging on education over the next year ahead of the 2022 midterm elections. Don’t expect them to change their policies, however. The safe bet is that they will still try to sneak Critical Race Theory in, one way or another.

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