Denver to begin giving homeless people free money with ‘basic income’ program

Denver will begin handing out free money to homeless people as part of an experimental “basic income” program, just the latest hare-brained idea by s0-called “progressive” policymakers who have ruined America’s cities.

The federally funded program will dole out $12,000 over the course of one year to 140 homeless individuals, Fox News reported.

“Basic income” program

The Denver city council voted to award a $2 million contract to the Denver Basic Income Project, the outlet reported.

The program will give direct cash assistance to women, transgenders, and “non-binary” individuals in the city’s homeless shelters.

The mayor said the cash assistance of $1,000 a month will provide recipients with a “regular source of income” to afford shelter.

“Just as important as housing and shelter is a regular source of income for those experiencing homelessness,” Mayor Michael B. Hancock said.

“This direct cash assistance will help more than 140 women and families currently in shelters move into stable housing, and provide support, so they can stay housed while opening space in our shelters to serve more people.”

Liberals accelerate urban decay

The founder of the Denver Basic Income Project, entrepreneur Mark Donovan, describes himself as a “white, CIS, able, male.”

He said he “felt an obligation to do everything I could to leverage that privilege to the benefit of others” — by using other people’s money, apparently.

The cash is coming from the Biden administration’s pandemic relief bill, also known as the “American Rescue Plan,” that is responsible in large part for driving up inflation.

Denver is just the latest Democratically run city to embrace the basic income concept, joining Los Angeles and Chicago, among others.

The guilt-ridden liberal busybodies pushing for “basic income” are the same people who thought “safe injection sites” would reduce public drug use, or that cashless bail policies would make city streets somehow safer. What will they dream up next?