DeSantis argues Parkland school shooter deserved the death penalty

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) disagreed with the jury’s decision to give Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz life imprisonment.

Instead, according to Fox News, DeSantis is arguing that Cruz deserved the death penalty. 


On Thursday, a jury in Broward County, Florida, recommended to the court that Cruz receive a punishment of life imprisonment for his actions.

Cruz, who is now 24 years old, is responsible for the deaths of 14 students and three staff members at Parkland, Florida’s, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Cruz, back in February 2018, carried out an attack on the school using an AR-15-style semi-automatic weapon.

It has since been revealed that the whole incident was methodically planned out, months in advance. It has also been revealed that Cruz chose Feb. 14 so that the school would never celebrate Valentine’s Day again.

But, despite everything we have learned about Cruz and his actions, the jury just could not reach the unanimous verdict required to give Cruz the death penalty. There, according to reports, was one juror who refused to sign on to a death penalty verdict.

The court’s sentencing is now scheduled for Nov. 1. Victim impact statements will also be delivered on that day.

DeSantis weighs in

During Thursday’s press conference, DeSantis weighed in on the jury’s failure to give Cruz the death penalty. DeSantis did not hold back.

“I think that if you have a death penalty at all, that that is a case, where you’re massacring those students, with premeditation and utter disregard for basic humanity, that you deserve the death penalty,” DeSantis said.

The governor continued:

This means that this killer is going to end up getting the same sentence of people who committed bad acts but act that did not rise to this level. I just don’t think anything else is appropriate except a capital sentence in this case. And so, I was very disappointed to see that.

DeSantis went on to take issue with the fact that the case took as long as it did given that it was already clear that Cruz was guilty of the crimes that he was accused of committing.

Based on responses to the verdict, found on social media and elsewhere, there are many, many Americans who share DeSantis’s disappointment about the outcome of this case.