Ron DeSantis rebukes Hunter Biden scandal cover-up, announces initiative to combat Big Tech,

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) came out swinging at social media censorship and journalists clamoring for more of it at a press conference Tuesday, where he announced a major initiative to combat Big Tech, Breitbart reported.

In one exchange, the Florida governor rebuked the press for defending the media’s cover-up of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal that exploded before the election.

DeSantis calls out media

DeSantis announced legislation to protect Floridians from the “Big Tech cartel,” which he said had transformed from “neutral platforms” to “enforcers of preferred narratives.”

Later, in a combative Q & A, the governor pushed back on journalists who suggested that Big Tech censorship is benign “content moderation,” a term that DeSantis said is a euphemism for political interference by “nameless, faceless” entities.

DeSantis mentioned several examples of arbitrary conduct by Big Tech, including its suppression of the New York Post’s reporting about Hunter Biden’s business deals, which blew up weeks before the November election. He recounted how “corporate media” colluded with Big Tech to quash a legitimate news story, simply because “they wanted to beat Trump.”

“You’re trying to tell me if there was hacked information that could damage me, you guys wouldn’t print it?… You can whiz on my leg, but don’t tell me it’s raining. You guys would print it every single day if you could, and Big Tech would allow it to proliferate every single day, 24/7.”

DeSantis vows action

At the time, Biden’s allies dismissed the Hunter Biden story, without any basis, as “Russian disinformation.” Then, after the election, Hunter revealed that his taxes were under investigation.

But Big Tech has allowed actual disinformation to propagate freely for years, DeSantis noted: “Nancy Pelosi said the election was taken from us by Russia. Did any of those people get de-platformed?”

Censorship increased sharply after the election when Twitter banned Donald Trump before his presidency ended. DeSantis mentioned the ban and Amazon pulling the plug on Parler, warning that Big Tech plays a “decisive role” in elections and poses an even greater threat to free speech than the government.

He vowed to take action against Big Tech’s monopoly power in three areas — speech, privacy, and the fairness of elections — by allowing users to “opt out” of censorious algorithms and fining companies that de-platform political candidates, among other measures.

“Big tech has come to look more like Big Brother with each passing day​,” he said. “I’m committed to addressing what may be one of the most pervasive threats to American self-government in the 21st century.”

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29 Responses

    1. biden and harris need to be impeached , we need to clean out nancy and chuckies and their minions , and charge with treason

      1. But we have to take care of Nancy first because she would be next in line if we get rid of both Biden and Kamala and that would be going from bad to worse.

      2. I totally agree with that. They need to clean house and they all should be arrested for life. biden it not my president and I don’t care for what he stands for is EVIL. Pure evilness. he only cares about the lining in his pockets. They should not get any perks at all. They are terrible don’t belong in the White House or the capital. The belong out on their tails in a prison for eternity.

  1. impeach the vindictive Pelosi impeacher, she’s right the enemy is from within and he’s sitting in the president’s seat.
    I hope we can convict all the democrat felon’s so our country does not become a communistic country. they are by the hour taking our country down piece by piece.

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  3. Gov. DeSantis tells it like it is. Finally someone puts on big boy pants. Good for him . He tells it like it is. This has to stop. This is America, not Russia or China ( which I think Biden is trying to make it a communist country. SHAME ON HIM < HIS SWAMP and the people who voted him. As he signs off every good thing that our President Trump did for this country ,he's having a big laugh and calling all you people "SUCKERS'. Very sad., and the fraud election didn't help either but then again no one stood up for our President Trump and that was very sad

  4. The Government needs to develop a Military grade platform to protect our country from outside influence and ciber attacks . 5G is even more intrusive and we need a way to keep our data private so we own it not corporations and Governments.

  5. Biden is corrupt and I’m sure was part of the coup as was Nancy and many other deep state creatures. The sad part is that this country has No Honest enforcement agency to investigate this coup. The whole government is now controlled by the dems along with the slime msm. Even the SCOTUS exposed their cowardice. Hunter and Big Joe will never be exposed! History will show DJT was the evil doer and that is sad. I never in my life thought that this great country that patriots died for would be run by such filth.

  6. The crooked people who elected the corrupt and demented Joe Biden are sick, sick evil people who deserve to pay the price of their stupid ways by donating 100 trillion to Donal j Trump to make up for all the wrong you have done to him and his family

  7. I find it interesting that the news media refused to allow anyone’s proof about the Biden’s corruption, with the excuse it might harm Joe’s chance at the presidency!! They sure didn’t slow down on Donald Trump during his campaign, now did they?!? They used every trick in the book, whether true or false to take him down before his election and haven’t stopped yet!!! So, as Gov. DeSantis says, “Piss on my leg, but don’t tell me it’s from rain!!”!!

    1. we need to invite the BBC and Japan news to set up shop here , we have very few news people, mainly a group of jackals

  8. We need more governors like Gov DeSantis to stand up to the puppet tears and the crooked people that the hired ( the unelected stooges )

  9. Finally Gov. De Santis spoke his Loyalty to his friend Republican Ex President Donald Trump will never ends where his Loyalty to his Traitor Republican mates ends.. especially Romney, Mconnel, the SUCKERS and others..

  10. A Trump/DeSantis ticket is just what we need in 2024! Pence, who may or may not run for President, has proven his true colors and needs to go.

  11. The Hunter book that will bring in money for him is rerouted money for pay back. Just like the Obama’s hidden funds for pay back is from hidden sources unknown. The books are crap. This is one way they end up rich.

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