‘Ain’t happening in Florida’: DeSantis says his state will not be locked down again, despite Biden’s remarks

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) stated unequivocally that his state will not be locked down no matter what President Joe Biden says, Breitbart reported.

DeSantis made the vow not to lock down Florida following Biden’s prime-time address on Thursday, during which he suggested that future coronavirus-related lockdowns are still possible.

An “insane” idea

“Biden last night said that they may have to impose more lockdown-type policies in the future,” DeSantis said Friday, according to local Orlando station WOFL. “I can tell ya: that ain’t happening in Florida.”

DeSantis said that even the mere suggestion of a lockdown at this point is “insane.”

“We like the fact that people are able to work here,” he said. “We like the fact that we’ve been able to save thousands, thousands of businesses and save people’s livelihoods and we love the fact that parents have the right to send their kid to school in person.”

DeSantis has consistently resisted draconian lockdowns for his state. During his State of the State address earlier this month, the governor promised to keep his state open.

Despite the condemnation from critics, Florida “continues to fare better in terms of new coronavirus cases per capita in the last seven days than restriction-heavy blue states such as New York, per Centers for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) data,” Breitbart News reported.

Biden: “Normal” depends on “unity”

On Thursday, Biden delivered his first prime-time address to mark the one-year anniversary of coronavirus lockdowns in the United States. Despite the development of a vaccine, Biden suggested that further lockdowns may be necessary if Americans don’t cooperate.

“Even if we devote every resource we have, beating this virus and getting back to normal depends on national unity,” Biden said, according to Breitbart.

He continued: “National unity isn’t just how politics and politicians vote in Washington, what the loudest voices say on cable or online. Unity is what we do as fellow Americans. Because if we don’t stay vigilant and the conditions change, then we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track.”

Biden also suggested that life could return to some kind of normalcy by Independence Day, although he conditioned this on a large part of the population being vaccinated.

Overall, the president’s message seemed to be “obey, or else.”

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35 Responses

      1. There so hot on Chinese methodology just weld the doors and windows shut like the Chinese did with infected apartment buildings ,and leave them to die like the Chinese did . doubt it would cure the virus , but we would at least know where the scum are

    1. I didn’t listen to his last speech, and probably won’t listen to any future speeches. “Not my President”!

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  2. DeSantis is a real man who keeps his state open for the citizens. Too bad there aren’t more like him. Noem is right there with him for south Dakota.

  3. Biden is not my President. Period you Democrats have destroyed our voting
    Rights, you are not being listened to any more
    You are all Liars and Thieves, The Democrats
    Tell Lies everyday, get the hell out of our
    White House and let our President Trump
    Back in. He is the only one who can really run
    America because he had done a Wonderful
    Job before these thieving Democrats stole
    The Election from the American people

    1. Biden isn’t a dog faced pony soldier he’s a deranged lying butt wipe that can’t even wipe his own crack

  4. Biden want’s to be a Dictator, not a president. As I see it, Pelosi, Schumer, and Harris are running our White House and Capitol, not Biden. They tell Biden what to do and when. Biden can’t even think for himself much less run a Country. This e the DEMORATS plan all along. Now they must be Stop. They have placed America and it’s People in a very Dangerous situation with their so call policies. It’s time for Impeachment and Removed from our White House and Capitol

    1. This is what they wanted all along. They are going to find out the American people won’t put up with them.

    2. I agree with you in JESUS NAME. Biden wants to be a dictator, we for not agree with Biden , The DncDemocrats, I resist renounce rebuke all evil strongman, Jezebel, Baal, antichrist, destructive, principalities, all connected spirits, I command these all spirits to be dismantled, Uprooted by GOD’S BURNING ANGER now. I loose GOD’S WORD Ezekiel 25:17 to manifest throughout The DncDemocrats, Hunter Joe Biden-Harris, Pelosi and all connected. I loose ALMIGHTY GOD’S plans-Agenda for America-Israel-The Earth NOW. I decree in JESUS NAME.

  5. Biden has proven to be far more authoritarian than Trump was ever accused of. His over 50 EOs since Jan 20 prove he is dictatorial and is RULING by decree.
    The Constitution gives the people the authority to change a government that is unresponsive to the will of the people. Our Constitutional Republic is by the people and of the people and not for the people as Pelosi & others state. Our government is only valid governing when it’s by the permission of the governed.
    Let me state that my consent to be governed by this unlawful administration is hereby withdrawn. I cannot consent to be governed by thieves, corrupt, treasonous, ineligible, morally bereft pretenders who are ruling as though tin pot dictators by decree.

  6. I Agree Biden & Harris should be impeached and Pelose and her cronies locked up for treasonus acts against the people of America.

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if opening boarders n besides just letting everyone in… letting people in with corona… This was probably part of the plan!!! After getting numbers of cases down…this would cause a surge giving Biden an excuse to reinstate lockdowns..not to mention mandatory vaccines.. something I personally wouldn’t do. Who knows what they’re really putting in you…. Notice every time cases go down suddenly there’s a new “variant”?? How bout taking down the fence in D.C. n then transporting all them people over there?? Pelosi so scared she needs a fence n 10,000 national guard? Wow!!! The borders need the wall n 10,000 guardsman.. atleast they’d be appreciated …not to mention the virus would quit surging!!! It’s a dangerous situation for America n if they want borders open then they should be the ones taking them in their neighborhood… Everything they’re doing is nothing more than control tactics. The Lord is coming n the poor, hurting n hungry shall be wealthy, healed n full. The rich n full shall be humbled, hungry n all shall be taken from them… Praise be to God… Pray America… Pray in Jesus Name 🙏

  8. Biden is just a senile old man. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Apology Tour was pulling the strings. The press secretary is so shallow that a grade schooler can see through her everyday excuses for the senile president.

  9. I’m so glad that I live in Florida, we have a governor that stands up for his residents and not what they say in DC that don’t know what’s really going on. DC goes by what is best to control us Americans to obey and listen, so everything will go in their crooked behavior. DC needs some big changes on the 2022 midterm election. I just hope all these people will get some brains and vote what is best for our country and not what their friends or fake media tells people. The DemonRats need to go because the only thing they are doing is what’s best for their pockets and screw the people.

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