Despite vow to combat ‘domestic extremism’, Garland gives pro-abortion mob free rein to target Supreme Court justices

President Biden’s attorney general came into office vowing to crack down on “domestic extremism,” but it’s becoming clear that Merrick Garland doesn’t consider left-wing extremism to be a problem.

As Biden gives permission to pro-abortion radicals to terrorize Supreme Court justices outside their homes, Garland has failed to so much as comment on the matter.

Garland refusing to prosecute pro-abortion mobs

The so-called “protesters” are likely in violation of federal laws that make it a crime to picket with the intent to influence a court proceeding — but it seems neither Biden nor Garland care to ensure that the laws are faithfully and fairly upheld.

With a wink and a nod, Biden has given his sanction to the mobs — preposterously claiming that their menacing “protests,” which have the clear intent to scare the justices into changing their leaked opinion overturning Roe V. Wade, have been “peaceful,” and even saying he “encourages” them to continue.

Biden isn’t just ignoring the rule of law — he is making a mockery of it, and Garland is helping him by remaining silent on the left’s harassment campaign.

Garland’s dereliction of duty prompted a response from 25 Republican attorneys general and the Republican governors of two states where the Court’s justices live, Virginia and Maryland.

“Here, in the face of escalating extremism directed at the judicial branch, you have an obvious role to play. Congress recognized that pressuring judges to change their votes by protesting outside their homes directly threatens the rule of law,” the attorneys general wrote.

Biden places his supporters above the law

Garland’s passivity in the face of anarchy certainly raises further questions about his independence from Biden, whose son is facing a federal tax investigation.

The attorney general’s response also exposes his campaign against “domestic extremism” for what it always was: a thinly veiled crusade of political repression.

In the name of national security, Garland has treated fed-up parents protesting critical race theory like enemies of the state, and he has boasted that cracking down on the Capitol “insurrectionists” is the department’s highest priority.

But it looks like Garland’s priorities do not include ensuring that Supreme Court justices can interpret the Constitution without fear of retaliation from extremists with the “right” opinions.

Clearly, the Biden regime doesn’t think the laws apply to Biden’s supporters — only those who dissent from the regime. That is the very definition of tyranny. For as long as they believe they are above the law, the pro-abortion radicals behind the current wave of anti-Catholic vandalism, harassment, and arson will be emboldened to continue their campaign of terror.

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