Devon Archer testimony exposes Joe Biden to FARA charges: Comer

 August 2, 2023

Devon Archer's damning testimony has "opened the door" to President Biden facing charges for unregistered foreign lobbying, Republican James Comer (Ky.) said. 

Many have questioned why Hunter Biden hasn't been charged under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), but Comer said Joe Biden has also been compromised after Archer implicated him in his son's influence peddling.

"When you think about what Archer testified today, my question is now, ‘Did Joe Biden [violate] the Foreign Agents Registration Act?'” Comer told Newsmax's Greg Kelly. “Because his family was receiving millions and millions of dollars from these foreign nationals."

Joe Biden compromised

FARA has famously been enforced unevenly. Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort was charged under FARA, for example, for his dealings in Ukraine.

Despite overwhelming evidence of influence peddling, Hunter Biden wasn't charged under FARA in the sweetheart plea deal that unraveled in court last week.

Days later, Archer, who sat on the board of Burisma Holdings with Hunter, confirmed that Joe Biden was the "brand" his son was selling overseas - contradicting Biden's claim that he never was involved in his son's business dealings.

Biden personally participated in over 20 phone calls with his son's business partners.

Quid pro quo

Archer also implicated Joe Biden in a quid pro quo to fire a prosecutor in Ukraine, Comer noted. The prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, was in fact fired after Biden threatened to withhold foreign aid - something Biden infamously bragged about.

Biden "wasn't going to give [Ukraine] our tax dollars, our foreign aid, unless the president of Ukraine fired the prosecutor," Comer said, recalling Biden's notorious threat.

"The owners of Burisma were pressuring Hunter to call Washington to get Shokin, the Ukrainian prosecutor, fired," Comer said. "And we know because we've seen on video Joe Biden bragged about in fact firing the prosecutor in Ukraine that was investigating his son's corrupt energy company."

"All roads lead to Joe Biden"

Comer laughed off the spin from Democrats like Dan Goldman (D-Ny.), who said Biden phoned his son's business partners to make chitchat about the weather.

"Goldman thinks Americans are going to believe ‘Oh, they just talked about the weather,'” Comer said. "That's ridiculous."

Of course, given the corrupt state of the DOJ, a prosecution of Joe Biden seems extremely unlikely. But Comer insisted that Republicans won't let the issue go.

"Every day we get more and more evidence that points to Joe Biden directly. All roads lead to Joe Biden," he said.

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