Report: Discrepancy found in Maricopa County 2020 vote count

The president of Arizona’s Senate, a Republican, provided a shocking update that is sure to thrill former President Donald Trump, his supporters, and others with lingering doubts about the presidential election.

According to the Washington Examiner, Senate President Karen Fann, who has been overseeing the controversial audit in Maricopa County, announced that a discrepancy with the official ballot tally recorded by the county has been found.

Next step: another recount

In an interview with radio host Mike Broomhead, Fann said that she did not know how large the discrepancy with Maricopa’s count of 2,089,563 ballots was, but she said that an “independent” machine recount will be completed.

“They haven’t released a number yet,” Fann said. “However, we do know that those numbers do not match with Maricopa County at this point.”

From the beginning, Democrats have dismissed the audit in Maricopa and others around the country as partisan attempts to sow doubts about President Biden’s legitimacy, and the media have piled on the firm running the audit, Cyber Ninjas, as unqualified and untrustworthy.

Maricopa County has opposed the audit since the beginning and was forced to surrender election material by a judge under subpoena. The county has cited its own audits, which found no issues, as authoritative.

The county’s chairman, Jack Sellers, dismissed the discrepancy as the result of a “woefully underqualified” team of auditors who he contrasted with the “experienced professionals” who managed Maricopa’s audits.

What will the audit find?

The shocking claim from Fann was followed by others at a hearing on Thursday in which the auditors claimed that 74,000 ballots could not be accounted for and suggested a door-to-door canvassing effort to verify who voted.

“Based on the data we’re seeing, I highly recommend we do the canvassing because it’s the one way to know for sure whether the data we’re seeing are real problems,” Fann said.

The auditors have continued to demand access to Maricopa’s routers, a request it has denied. Maricopa County has upped the ante by declaring it will cost taxpayers $3 million to replace the machines that the auditors subpoenaed, which they claim are no longer safe to use, Fox 10 Phoenix noted.

Biden’s shocking upset in Arizona was the first sign of his eventual victory on Election Night 2020. He carried the state by a razor-thin margin of 10,000 votes.

According to The Hill, a majority of Arizona Republicans believe the audit, once completed, will show that Trump truly won the state.

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21 Responses

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  4. Good for them I just pray that when all of the evidence is In with
    Documented proff that a judge will
    Hall the democrats into court then issue arrest warrants against them all.

    1. Are you surprised that the Ninjas “found” something? The outcome was known before it began. A bunch of clowns “eager to learn how to recount votes” and known for saying “audit?, Huh? Is there a difference” show up and start doing weird things looking for things that don’t exist. What could go wrong?
      Do you recall the truckloads of stuff that the trumpettes presented in courts across the country as being their evidence of corruption and fraud? Do you recall what the courts said about all of it when it was shown to be not much more than notes from people’s mothers? We shall see something quite similar, I believe, when the Cyber Ninja’s have to “reveal” their “secret” method for detecting fraudulent votes and show how this “method” was applied to the ballots and to the voting machines that are now having to be thrown away.
      Can’t wait. How about you?

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  6. We know the Democrats used every possible method to cheat in the last election. We know the machines were linked by the Internet to the CCP to put Biden in power no matter what. Democrats knew they could not win against Trump’s economy so Fauchi and Barry funded the research into a new deadly virus that the CCP unleashed on the world in order to wreck the economy that Donald Trump made and deny him the win. He won anyway then in the middle of the night millions of ballots were dumped into Georgia and other key States after the vote day was over and the counters had been sent home. Nothing about the last election was on the up and up. The Democrats have refused to turn over key evidence and put up the usual smoke screen claiming that the people doing the full forensic audit are incompetent’s. We know this is a desperate attempt to hide what they have done and cover up this whole thing like a cat turd. This doesn’t go away. We have little interest in the next election or 2024 until the 2021 election is determined. This fraud took place in every State in every County. Until voting machines programmed by the Chinese Communist Party for the Democrat Party’s advantage are removed and made into an offshore fish reef, we will have ZERO faith in honest elections in America. The people that did this and allowed this COUP must be brought to Justice. This is America! We should not be remote controlled by out mortal blood enemies!

    1. Civil war would be exactly what our enemies are hoping for. That is what they are hoping for, then China will step in the HELP the democrats, and maybe Russians pretend to HELP Republicans all the while destroying both sides from within.

      WE do not want civil war, we want unity and we will have that. AUDITS, returning the electors and following the constitution which is the way to have peaceful resolution to what has happened. There are more good people in this country who, when faced with the facts, will choose to do the right thing. There will be no need for civil war. It will happen. DJT will be reinstated and he will work this country out of this current situation and he will MAGA and again and again if necessary….Keeping the faith.

  7. BIG DISCREPANCY , Az and Ga, have a lot in common an d Pa. also, FRAUDS and CRIMINALS and need to be arrested tried and convicted and sent away ,

  8. It is just so sad that once the recount is done and the findings are out in the open, Biden, Harris and all their cronies are going to remain in power until they are impeached. Biden will still be making executive orders that are binding; but he won’t be legitimate. He will still not stem or stop the flow of illegal immigrants; but he won’t be legitimate. He will still push his insane agendas through Congress; but he won’t be legitimate. And when he and his VP are impeached, the line of succession to take his place are all democrats with the exception of #6 and #7 who’s party affiliations are listed as “unknown.” We are on the precipice of something that has never happened before in the history of this nation. We are on the precipice of something that there are really no safeguards set in place. We are on this precipice because nobody really thought this would ever happen. So now what? The only viable solution that I can think of is impeachment for the president and VP (but can you impeach someone who isn’t legitimately our elected officials?) which will put Pelosi in power and then either impeach her or have new elections with only paper in-person voting for the President, VP and the entire Congress with the winner of that election being put in office IMMEDIATELY. My head is spinning. I now have a headache just thinking of the ramifications of this mess and the entire world is still laughing at us. I hope the people who actually voted all these clowns into office are happy now. They are the real culprits of this mess.

  9. The Maricopa official that staed any machine investigated by an auditor must be replaced at a cost of $3,000,000 is demonstrating his total ignorance of the principles of manufacture of such machines. All machines produced by a honest corporation are subjected to an acceptance test procedure (ATP) that verifies the product meets design requirements. Such a procedure proves the machine functions as specified in the design criteria. These machines merely need to be subjected to the same procedure to verify performance. If there is no certified ATP the machines should never have been purchased in the first place. The machines should also be subjected to the same ATP before any official use

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  11. The voting machines will have to be made in America! we have the tecnoliagy & be made under American government control & standards, these machines have to be un hackable, we have to get free & fair elections. the American people must demand this, contact your congressmen & senators about this & the crimes that happened in the 20 20 elections’ we must demand that the laws are applied in a fair & honest manner.

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