NY district attorney convenes grand jury in Trump criminal probe

Amid rumors of impending legal peril for Donald Trump, the district attorney in his hometown of New York has convened a grand jury to assess whether Trump, the Trump Organization, or members of his business should face criminal charges, The Hill reported.

Without a doubt, it marks the most aggressive stage yet in the “witch hunt” that has followed Trump since his time in office. For Trump foes, it was only the latest sign that, at last, the “walls are closing in” on the real estate mogul and former president.

Manhattan DA convenes grand jury

Over the course of the next six months, the grand jury will meet three days a week to decide whether there is enough evidence to indict Trump and his associates.

It is not clear what crime Trump is alleged to have committed, but Trump’s defenders are liable to see the case as politically tainted after his foes spent several years demanding his imprisonment over “Russian collusion” and other fictional crimes.

Vance is said to be building a case for fraud involving the Trump Organization, as well as payments to porn actor Stormy Daniels, and he wants to “flip” Allen Weisselberg, Trump’s chief financial officer, according to The Hill.

A criminal case against a former president would be genuinely unprecedented, and Trump and his defenders have slammed the probe, which is also being led by New York’s Democratic attorney general, as a banana republic-style “witch hunt” to neutralize Trump as a political threat.

Trump ripped the news as a “continuation of the greatest Witch Hunt in American history” that began the moment he entered the political arena at Trump Tower, and which is “being driven by highly partisan Democrat prosecutors.”

“Witch hunt” reaches new stage

Trump and his allies have noted that Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, Jr., is a Democrat (in one of the most liberal jurisdictions in the country), and he is not seeking another term, so it’s quite possible he wants to go out with a bang.

Trump memorably spent about half of his presidency embattled by entirely bogus claims that he was working for Russia, something he still clearly resents as investigations of his personal business have continued to escalate since he left the White House.

Vance is now working together with the attorney general of New York, Letitia James, an undisguised anti-Trump partisan, in what has been called a highly unusual move after James announced last week that her long-civil probe of Trump’s finances is now criminal.

James did not clarify what prompted the change in her probe, the Sun notes, which has been going since 2019. Vance’s probe began with a now-arcane controversy over Trump’s “hush money” payments to Daniels and another woman.

A player from the Stormy Daniels saga, Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen, welcomed the grand jury news and said he is “not surprised,” according to the Sun.

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  3. This is purely evil. This proves once and for all that Joe Biden is a TYRANT who HATES the values of Freedom and Election Integrity of our country. Voters are staring down 48 Years of Biden/Hillary corruption. And not a single indictment. What about Haiti? What about pay to play, selling foreign policy decisions for cash donations to the Clinton Foundation?? (also based in New York by the way). Joe Biden is FRIGHTENING in his compulsion for violence against our Republic.

    1. Vance and that coon da in NY should both be disbarred and prosecuted for abuse of process, squandering tax money, and more.

  4. Make no mistake, Kay. 75 MILLION voters care very much. This abuse of judicial power targeting political opponents for prosecution, searching for a crime motivated by hatred of Trump— it staggers the mind. Our nation is in serious trouble with corruption so deeply embedded in the Justice System.

  5. A witch hunt. That is the sole response that DJT has had. Anyone ever ask how such diverse groups, which have never been attacked for such partisanship, have all found, it would appear, not that he has not been investigated and been convicted for misuse of a “charity”, fraudulent university and Misuse of campaign funds. Maybe the Right should wait and see the results, as opposed to doing what DJT does best, cry martyr. History does not report well, on DJT’s integrity or morals.


  7. This is nothing but witch hunt investigation looking for a crime.When the NY AG and her Trump hating witch hunt cohorts find no crime was committed,she and her Trump hating witch hunt cohorts in NY will try to invent one.This will backfire spectacularly on them.Then Trump will sent his attack dog attorney’s after all of them.By the time they are done,the NY AG and her witch hunt cohorts will wish they never went after Trump.As we all know Trump don’t play.

  8. They are determine to put Trump and his cohorts in jail regardless. President Trump must take James and Vance seriously. We all better start praying to God to save the United States that we once knew. While we consider this to be a witch hunt, we must realize to them this very serious.

  9. democraps are all scumbags in office voting them in office stealing lying cheating scamming american people out of billions every year

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