DNA evidence links Democratic official to murder of Las Vegas journalist

A Democratic politician in Las Vegas who allegedly stabbed a journalist to death in broad daylight has been linked to the grisly murder by DNA evidence.

The update came from Las Vegas police Thursday as Robert Telles, an official in Clark County, was ordered held without bail for the killing of Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jeff German.

DNA links Democrat to murder

Police said that Telles, 45, disguised himself in a straw hat and a bright orange construction vest before attacking German, 69, outside his home the morning of August 3.

“This has been an unusual case from the beginning,” Sheriff Joe Lombardo said.

Telles was quickly suspected because he had publicly expressed anger with Telles’ reporting, which delved into corruption in Telles’ office and an affair he was having with a staffer. Telles, who lost a primary in June, was enraged by the “unraveling of his life” and stabbed German seven times, prosecutors later said at a bail hearing.

After Telles approached the house, “German came outside of the garage door and they went to the side of the house where an altercation took place between the suspect and the victim,” Las Vegas Police Captain Dori Koren said at Thursday’s police briefing.

Police identified Telles’ car, which had been spotted loitering in the neighborhood suspiciously on the morning of the murder, then searched his home, where they found a straw hat and a pair of bloody shoes as well as DNA linking Telles to the crime.

Media bury details, again

Telles was arrested Wednesday after a two-hour standoff at his house.

German was working on more stories about Telles before the murder, police said.

“We know that Telles was very upset about German’s reporting already about his role as a public administrator and everything else that followed with that,” Koren said.

German had also covered the mafia and the mysterious Las Vegas massacre of 2017 — the worst mass shooting in American history — when gunman Stephen Paddock killed dozens of concertgoers from inside a hotel room at the Mandalay Bay resort, before turning the gun on himself.

Journalists at liberal outlets like ABC, CBS, and MSNBC have shown more loyalty to the Democratic party than their own profession by failing to mention Telles’ party affiliation in their reporting.