Documentary proves that fed prosecutors considered charging Hunter Biden with sex trafficking

 October 2, 2023

According to a letter leaked by Republican members of the House Ways and Means Committee, federal authorities considered filing sex trafficking charges against Hunter Biden.

As part of its inquiry into Hunter Biden, the committee obtained this paper, showing in their Wednesday bulk data release just how harsh the first son's charges could have been, as Fox News reported.

This comes just before the first impeachment probe hearing against President Biden before the House Oversight Committee on Thursday.

In October 2020, IRS tax crimes prosecutor Jack Morgan allegedly forwarded nine cases involving Hunter Biden and prostitutes to Assistant U.S. Attorney Lesley Wolf.

What the Documents Uncovered

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Morgan detailed multiple occasions where Hunter Biden hired escorts to fly from New York or Boston to Los Angeles for the express purpose of having sexual encounters. Wolf forwarded the list to her colleagues, but that was apparently the end of the story.

Before the initial impeachment inquiry, the House Ways and Means Committee published hundreds of IRS whistleblower records, including this one.

Thursday saw the first impeachment probe hearing held by the House Oversight Committee, which focused on President Biden's alleged participation in his son Hunter's international business transactions.

James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has claimed that the committee has a "mountain of evidence" showing that former Vice President Joe Biden used his position in government to enrich himself and his family.

"The bottom line is that the committee has shown the Bidens alone brought in over $15 million in their foreign influence peddling, over $24 million if you account for their associate's earnings from the schemes," Comer said.

"We have established in the first phase of this investigation where this money has come from: Ukraine, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, China; it didn't come from selling anything legitimate," he continued. "It largely went unreported to the IRS. It was funneled through shell companies and third parties to hide the Bidens' fingerprints."

"This deserves investigation," he added. "This deserves accountability. The American people expect this committee to investigate public corruption."

What Comes Next

Comer also outlined the committee's next steps in the inquiry, which has been making headlines nationwide.

"Now we know much of the money goes. Hunter Biden, Haley Biden, James Biden, Sarah Biden, other Biden family members and their business entities," Comer said. "What we need to understand is where it goes next. That is the question this committee has to answer. And the evidence supports that next step."

All the issues with the Biden family have been at the center of the questions about whether President Biden should be given another term in the Oval Office. Conservatives are concerned what has been discovered by Congress is the top of the corruption iceberg, and many on the liberal side of the spectrum believe this is malicious prosecution.

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