Court documents allege Bill Clinton visited Jeffrey Epstein’s notorious Caribbean island

Despite legal objections filed by accused Jeffrey Epstein accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, a trove of documents was recently released detailing allegations made by purported trafficking victim Virginia Giuffre.

According to Fox News, among Giuffre’s most explosive accusations that could lead to arrests is a claim that former President Bill Clinton was present on Epstein’s private Caribbean island, a place where scores of young girls were said to have been abused.

Clinton role scrutinized

Daniel Halper is the author of a book about Epstein’s death, and he recently appeared on Fox and Friends to discuss what the recent revelations about Clinton could mean.

“Of course, we know that he was very close to Jeffrey Epstein and – as we report in our book – he is very close to Ghislaine Maxwell. That puts him in proximity to two accused and one guilty, a pedophile essentially,” Halper said on Saturday.

“The question that arises,” Halper noted, “is how entrapped is Bill Clinton in this investigation. The FBI, we assume, is interviewing other people involved in this case.”

The author went on: “But has law enforcement reached out to Bill Clinton and others –high profile names –and are they trying to get to the bottom of this scandal?”

“Why aren’t things happening?”

At one point during the interview, host Jedediah Bila pointed out that “there were a lot of names that were redacted in those unsealed documents.”

“Does that surprise you, and what do you think is coming down the pike in terms of name revelations entwined with this fiasco?” she asked Halper.

In response, he answered, “The question, of course, is will the court redact it, or will the court allow us to see finally what’s been going on, what’s been going on behind the scenes?”

The conservative author alleged that it’s been widely known “for a very long time” that Clinton was involved with Epstein’s crimes, knowledge he says has been “falling on deaf ears,” adding:

Why aren’t officials taking action? Why aren’t things happening? We know that Ghislaine Maxwell was more than just a friend or a girlfriend. She was an accomplice and involved in these crimes.

In 2016, Fox News reported that Federal Aviation Administration records show that Clinton took at least 26 flights aboard Epstein’s Boeing 727, nicknamed the “Lolita Express.” Perhaps even more telling is the fact that the former president apparently ditched his Secret Service detail for at least five of those flights.

Unfortunately, it remains to be seen whether any additional journalists will begin to dig any deeper into revelations that would have been instantly viewed as extraordinarily scandalous if anyone other than the Clintons were involved.

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